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Thursday, September 30, 2021 -  from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Systems for Startups 

A new business starts with a Business Plan. It seldom thinks about how to operationalize the business plan, what business processes, and standard operating procedures to be institutionalized. 
Without that clarity, a business often falls for a shiny object around marketing, shopping cart, and invoicing systems which are only a part of the business operations. Or it picks up disjointed software and services which either have an overlap or leave gaps. The business owner ends up manually driving/operating different parts of the business and thus remains inefficient and unable to scale it.
Whether you are starting a new company, planning to build a new product/service in your company, or expanding into a new market, you need a well-defined system for the overall business operations. The workshop will first breakdown the system into parts and then bring the parts all together and explain what needs to be done to orchestrate the parts in an automated fashion.
The key parts of any business are as follows:
1. Sales / Marketing
2. Operations / Delivery
3. Customer Support
4. HR
5. Accounting
5. Digital Storage / Communication Tools (Information Technology)
A good system is one that helps jump-starts a business with integrated CRM/Marketing, Project Management, Customer Support, Digital Communication processes and sets the business for scalable growth. The more these processes are automated using Information Technology - with friction/interventions removed from the system, the smoother the business operations and the easier it is to scale the business.
Workshop Synopsis:
  • The workshop will teach the key functions of any business
  • It will break down each function into most common parts/processes
  • It will talk about how to systemize and automate various processes


Presenter: Sudhakar Kandanala has been part of the IT Consulting and Services industry for 25 years. He oversaw sales and operations functions for large technology services organizations including DXC (formerly, CSC) and Deloitte. He now owns an IT Consulting firm that helps small and medium businesses (the startups and scaleups) develop robust processes around sales, marketing, operations, etc. and implements those systems so the businesses are set for growth from Day 1. Sudhakar has college degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from Illinois State University.