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Camp Cole - Lake Sterling - Tahoe National Forest 

Camp Cole is located in the beautiful High Sierra amid alpine forests and lakes at 6,700 feet. It's about 2 hours east of Sacramento and about 25 miles west of Truckee, California. Click the map for directions.


Carey Grandt
White Stag Sierra - Leadership Development Program 

Youth Staff - White Stag Sierra - Leadership Development Program


White Stag is a camp by youth for youth.

Being a candidate engages a youth in just the first three of nine levels of Leadership Development. Youth staff represents the next set of three levels of Leadership Development in the White Stag Sierra Leadership Development Program. 

The candidates have a great time at summer camp, but it’s the youth staff who have the most fun and really learn leadership. When you teach something to someone else, you’re the one who learns the most!

The teens who volunteer to serve on youth staff meet once a month for almost an entire year. They work closely together to learn more about leadership; they hone their outdoors skills; they practice presenting leadership skills; they design and test learning activities; they develop a plan for the week; they practice ceremonies; test meals for the week of camp; and lots more.

By the time our week-long summer camp begins, the adult staff are looking forward to standing back and watching from the shadow of a nearby tree. With the exception of medical contingencies, the youth are completely in charge.

Once the snow melts, the final two staff meetings in June and early July are on site at Camp Cole. They’ll scout out locations for specific activities, review the terrain and the trails, and undoubtedly take a dip in the extremely chilly, snow-fed Lake Sterling.

They give their time because of the fun, togetherness, excitement, and challenging good times they have.

When registering for a Youth Staff position you registration fee covers the following. Meals at camp, a Class B Hiking Shirt, Staff Patch, Graduation Neckerchief, a discounted price official Staff jacket for first year staffers. 

All Youth Staff members are a registered part of Crew 122 sponsored by the White Stag Association. Each youth staff member will be reguired to purchase and have a Venturing Class A Uniform by the November staff mettting. 

Youth Staff members registering by September 8th, 2017 recieve a $40 discount on their Youth Staff registration.