Grow Your Business with Google Reviews 

Thursday, April 11, 2019 from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM EDT

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Did you know that 88% of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a business?

By now, you may be aware that Google business reviews are a crucial component of your Marketing Strategy. 

Google reviews are a vital part of your Digital FootPrint on the internet as well as a powerful way to drive traffic to your business locally.

Simply put, it’s the power of social proof! 

Remember, people need reassurance and confirmation that their actions are the right ones.

If you want to get found organically or get more visits, you need good reviews.

In summary, if you want a prominent position in the local SERPs, you need user reviews.

The question is, how can you get more reviews?

That’s what we will explore in this interactive class.



Evie Hernandez is a SMarketing Professor at Bizniversity™. She empowers business owners and marketing professionals to grow profits by effectively Integrating Sales with Marketing to obtain greater results. She shares her experience on stage and online of how she leverages her XoomIM Inbound SMarketing System - which she created over 4 years at her boutique marketing agency in Miami, FL. She speaks at Colleges, Chambers of Commerce, SCORE Chapters, Trade Associations and companies throughout the United States.

Evie is the Chief Marketing Officer of XoomIM, LLC, the founder of the Hispanic Women’s Business Owners Group - HispanaPreneur™, and a SMarketing professor at Bizniversity™. Make sure to request to be placed on the wait list to receive a Free Preview of her upcoming book, “Secrets to Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Loyal Clients”.

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