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Saturday, January 16, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST

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Nothing Happens Until A Sale Is Made

(AKA Sales 101 on Steroids)

About the Workshop:

Without a steady stream of sales, your business will cease to exist. For a startup, a steady stream of sales is essential to getting it off the ground. You can kid yourself and assume that your “amazing” set of products and services will cause customers to beat down your door. Or you can get real…

You can embrace the necessity of constantly communicating the true value of what your business provides. Explaining how that value exceeds the price your customers pay. The sales process is not complicated. It is not difficult to learn. It is, however, actual work. Actual, essential, non-optional work.

This workshop provides essential insights for those who have never even tried to sell something through seasoned sales professionals seeking to up their game.

After this session you will understand:

  • The real, functional meaning of the word “Sales”
  • The basics of continuous (sales) process improvement
  • The Methodical Sales Process
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) basics
  • The Methodical Sales Call
ABOUT the Presenter:

Todd Youngblood's career in Executive Management, Sales, Marketing and Consulting focused on selling more, better, cheaper and faster. He now applies that broad, deep business background to help his clients become more creative and therefore better able to achieve excellence.

In 1976 he became a Marketing Representative with the IBM Corporation and for fifteen years progressed through a variety of field and staff assignments. He then founded and operated an IT Outsourcing firm providing Software Development and Maintenance Services. In 1994, he joined an e-commerce firm serving the insurance and healthcare industries, as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He established The YPS Group, Inc. in 1999 based on his years of experience in Sales Process Engineering – that is, combining creativity and discipline in the design, implementation and use of work processes for highly effective sales teams.

Todd established the Intentionally Vicarious podcast/blog in 2017 based on a life-goal he set almost 40 years ago - to have more fun than anyone else he knows. He does so by exploring, questioning, learning, thinking, writing and speaking about what he sees as the immensely fascinating world around him.

Todd launched Willful Impact in 2020.