Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM CDT
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Grace Central Church 
10216 Kitchener Street
Westchester, IL 60154

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Gregory Stanton, Strategic Life Consultant 
Soulutions For Living 

"Get Clear, Get Started" Workshop - Chicago 

Get Clear, Get Started: When You Know What Your Desire, It Desires You! Perhaps you're not feeling the Joy of Life and need some real clarity regarding God’s greatest and highest good for your life, then this is the best place to start.

We will explore...

The contrasts that are showing up in your life.   Contrast are experiences that you would like to change.  You will come away clear as to where your focus should be placed in all of the Six Dimension of Life:  Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career/Work/Call, and Spirituality.  Bringing these six dimensions into harmony is key finding to joy in life.  Most of all, you will leave with a strategic next-step action plan

During this 3 hour workshop I’ll introduce you to my “Life-Contrast System”  which is designed to bring forward both the obvious and the hidden contrasts that get in the way of you attracting what you’re longing for.   You will be positioned to experience God's greatest and highest good in every area of your life.  Facilitated by Gregory A. Stanton,  Pastor & Strategic Life Consultant, this course is for those who are ready to have it now!

We Will Unpack

  •   The “Why” of what you are currently experiencing
  •   The “What” that would make your life more joyful and fulfilled
  •   The “How” to get started 

5 Things That Make This “Get Clear, Get Started” Workshop Unique

  1. Facilitator, Gregory A. Stanton has been studying and teaching God’s word for over 40 years, and is referred to as a “Spiritual Scientist.”  He has a thorough understanding of the scriptures at a metaphysical level, combined with training in the mind science of psychology. 
  2. This workshop addresses the most important step a believer should take prior to establishing goals, setting intentions, visualizing or engaging the vision-boarding process.  Thereby avoiding frustration and an overwhelming dissatisfaction with life.
  3. You will no longer be influenced by external cues, unpleasant life experiences, social norms, strategic marketing influences such as social media, television and radio when it comes to your desires.
  4. The approach is oriented inside of Kingdom Theology and the Dominion mandate for mankind.  
  5. This 3 hour intensive workshop is designed to help you to get clear and to pursue the greatest and highest good in the area that is currently most concerning to you. 

What you will learn

  • “The Miracle Question” that sets it all in motion
  • How to use the “Life Contrast System” 
  • How to implement a spiritually-based approach that transcends the  carnally driven (traditional) approach used by believers in their quest to live their best lives
  • How to position yourself in perfect alignment with, know and live God’s greatest and highest good concerning your life.

Course Logistics:

  •   The Workshop will commence at 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  •   It is limited to 30 participant for maximum engagement
  •   Each participant will have access to my Closed “Get Clear Get Started”  Facebook Support Group.


  1. At the completion of the workshop each participant  will be allowed to schedule for a 30 minute debriefing session with Greg to address your “Get Clear, Get Started” Strategy
  2. 10% discount on a Coaching Package of your choice

**Special Roll-Over Bonus

  •    If you sign up for a Coaching Package the entire cost of the workshop will be applied to you purchase.  


  •   Time:  3 hours
  •   Cost $49.00