Every Tuesday and Thursday 

12PM- 12 :45 PM EST 

5th to 7th Graders

Donation $36

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Praveen: (412) 953-9999

VT Seva - pittsburgh




VT Seva Pittsburgh Science in Action


Learn Science in an Interactive Way

Wide range of science topics that include densities, seed germination, water properties, weather science, chemistry, physics, and many more


DIY Science Experiments

Are you curious?

Use scientific method and learn concepts to spark your inner scientist!

Perform safe experiments that are visually stimulating, hands-on, and sensory-rich for discovery and exploration


Dates :  7/14- 8/13

DAY: Every Tuesday and Thursday 

TIME :12PM-12:45 PM EST ,

5th to 7th Graders

Donation $36

All proceedings go towards local food bank, educating visually challenged, and underprivileged children.