(R)evolutionary Happy Hour

with Marian Head 

 Join a Worldwide Community of “Possibilitarians” for


Conscious Community

and Celebration!

 Every Fourth Thursday in 2018

5:00 pm Pacific/8:00 pm Eastern

Presented by GOOD of the WHOLE

Get HAPPY (at Least Once a Month) in 2018

(R)evolutionary Happy Hour is less about raising our glasses and more about raising our collective vibration! It is not a webinar or a program. It is a gathering of evolving humans who are creating our lives by consciously choosing our thoughts and actions, including embodying the (R)evolutionary Agreements.

What are the (R)evolutionary Agreements? They are a set of twelve Agreements with ourselves that guide us to “be the change we wish to see in the world.” Come to as many Happy Hours as you’d like!  Invite your friends to gather at your home or come solo.  They are all FREE.

January: Live My Mission
Identify the essence of your mission and learn how to live your mission daily.

February: Speak My Truth, With Compassion
Be able to speak your truth more often with compassion than drama.

March: Look Within When I React
Transform your negative reactions to others’ behavior into greater self-awareness.

April:  Keep Doing What Works and Change What Doesn’t
Lay the track to change at least one thing not working in your life.

May:  Listen With My Heart
Notice if you begin to compare, analyze, or judge the speaker and shift focus to listen fully to hear him or her.

June:  Respect Our Differences
Transform negative thoughts about someone’s behavior into positive thoughts.

July:  Resolve Conflicts Directly
More easily initiate conflict resolution directly with the people involved.

August:  Honor Our Choices
Learn to move forward regardless of negative outcomes of past decisions.

September:  Give and Receive Thanks
Practice the skills to give and receive appreciation fully. When you open more fully to receive appreciation, you will be delighted at what else you receive (i.e., love, money…)!

October:  See the Best in Myself and Others
Strengthen your relationships — without having to involve any others!

November:  Look for Blessings in Disguise
More readily see the silver lining behind any dark clouds in your life.

December: Lighten Up!
Explore presence and laughter as two ways to lighten up — and have a good time while doing it!



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After you register, you will receive easy-to-implement, transformative guidance for applying that month’s Agreement in your every day life. Practicing the Agreements takes virtually no time in your schedule, but rather supports you in becoming more aware of your thoughts and conscious creations.  

We're looking forward to being HAPPY with you!