McKenzie River Trust: Protecting Special Lands


Liz Lawrence 
McKenzie River Trust 


Friday July 20, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM PDT

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Green Island 
Coburg Bottom Loop Road
Eugene, OR 97408
Complete driving directions will be emailed to tour registrants one week prior to the event.
Green Island map from 2011 Management Plan


Dazzling Dragonflies! Family-Friendly Tour of Green Island 

Dragonfly emerging - photo by Tim GiraudierWhat has two pairs of wings, lives near the water, and eats mosquitoes? A dragonfly! Join experts Steve Gordon and Cary Kerst for a family-oriented dragonfly and damselfly tour of Green Island. You’ll leave this adventure knowing way more about these cool bugs and the place they call home!  Hikari and Steve checking out a damselfly

This tour is intended for kids and their families. For a more technical outing we are offering an afternoon field course on dragonflies and damselflies. Visit our website to learn more about the afternoon tour.

Top photo: Dragonfly emerging by Tim Giraudier 

Bottom photo: Tour guide Steve Gordon shows a damselfly to a visitor on Green Island. Photo by Liz Lawrence.