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Carly Calabrese 
Work Solutions 

Terms and Conditions for 2 featured services available for purchase thru 1/11/24 promotion:


References to “I”, “I’m,” "I'd," “me,” "she", "her", & “my” refer to Carly.
References to “third-party” and “third-parties” mean anyone that’s *not you that’s paying for service(s)
References to "we" mean you & I.

*Carly's contact information is to the left of this page under "Event Contact." I'm limited on characters here to keep repeating.*


When you click the “Register Now” button & pay for this service(s) all of the terms & conditions described here apply to it that you would be understanding, agreeing, & abiding to (including your third-party/parties as defined as the top of this document). 


I will review your LinkedIn profile & LinkedIn form once I'm notified about payment (through my newsletter OR received your payment via snail mail). (I do encourage you to download the "linkedin_consultation.pdf" form here: worksolutionstoday.com/consultation.html after you've sent/made payment & agreed to these terms & conditions & fill out that LinkedIn form & email to me) so I will have ready to proceed with once payment is received. I will reach out to you once I've reviewed your LinkedIn profile & your form to setup the up to 30-min. phone call. Any phone call lasting less than 30 min. there are no refunds/reimbursements.


You have until Tues. 12/3/24 by 1 pm PST to contact me via email OR a detailed voicemail before forfeiting your mid-level cover letter/(s) &/or LinkedIn profile review & up to 30-min. consult/(s) BEFORE forfeiting (this means if you aren't ready to commit to a deadline for your cover letter(s) and/or commit to having the LinkedIn profile review & up to 30-min. consults performed) this is your firm deadline. 


Generally the timeline for a mid-level cover letter creation is one-month minimum from the date you're ready to get started (defined as after successful payment is collected or received for those paying outside of my newsletter along with this page signed & dated for those who are sending to me if NOT paying through my newsletter) & we are both ready to start the project to allow for time in between each process. Of course if another timeline is desired, please contact Carly in advance asap to ensure she can accomodate you. Either way - a clear deadline & cut off time will be communicated PRIOR to starting the project that you and Carly will agree to. Carly will lead you through each step of the project & the work is performed remotely from both sides (you and Carly). Carly can shoot a text message to you when she's emailed you something while working on your project. (If no cell phone, the ability for Carly to leave a voicemail at a landline OR send you a direct private message on LinkedIn to give you a heads up once she's emailed you so that you'll know to check your email while working together). This isn't intended to rush/pressure you for a faster response, but to prevent lag time if (for ex. you're waiting for an email from Carly & it ended up getting buried, not delivered, delivered to some other folder in your email, etc. so that it can be re-sent as soon as possible (if applicable)).

If you want multiple mid-level cover letters, please contact me BEFORE purchasing to ensure I can commit to your workload & timeline.


You also understand that in order for me to complete the service(s) that you've hired me for, you need to do your part to provide the things I need in a timely fashion & respond & engage in communication(s) for example: calls, voice mails, texts, emails, and/or LinkedIn messages from me. Although there is a deadline of we will agree to PRIOR to starting your mid-level cover letter, you understand that if the necessary information that is needed to complete a part(s) of the project are not provided to meon/before the time(s)/deadline(s) I've requested to be able to complete them by the deadline, you will forfeit some/all those services. Although I've been known to past make things work with people in my life (in general), if for whatever reason/(s) I decide to end working with you, I will let you know that and it may also result in an unfinished project/(s) and you will forfeit some/all those services with no refund.


You won’t be alarmed if you don’t receive communications from me (i.e., emails, text messages, voicemails, LinkedIn messages/social media messages (in general), on Saturday, Sunday, &/or holidays, but I will respond to your communications as soon as possible, but please be respectful and reasonable to me and not put me in a bad/stressful situation that could affect a positive outcome with the project by not delaying your portion of this project. I normally put automatic “out-of-office” replies on my emails when applicable so that you will know when sending an email to me if I happen to not be responding to communications outside of holidays and/or Saturdays and/or Sundays. I don’t put automatic “out-of-office” email replies on Saturdays, Sundays, and/or most holidays.


If you enjoyed working with me &/or felt that I did a good job and/or want to help support myself and my business, you understand that you will be willing to shoot your own no more than 2-minute testimonial video after this project is completed that I can use for my website and marketing my business. This video does not have to be fancy and can be shot from your your phone, camera, etc. 

A testimonial video is a no more than 2-minute video answering these questions: who you are, how you met me, what service(s) did you hire for?, what did I do?, 3 things you liked about working with me & why, & answer the questions would you work with me in the future why or why not, what do you plan on working on with me in the future [if applicable], & would you recommend me to your family, friends, & colleagues why or why not. I help you with writing your testimonial script by providing the questions just described above & you will email me your written script for this testimonial video to me to review/edit & approve prior to you just creating the video for me. Then you will study the script and shoot the video of yourself, shortly thereafter not reading the script as it’s not believable when you’re reading a script and not convincing to the audience of potential client(s) and/or referral(s).

Why a testimonial video? My mom once said, “Who would’ve known that wipes would be like gold during corona virus?” And how she normally stocked up on them, but not this time. My point is if wipes (cleaning & hand wipes) along with hand sanitizer are considered “gold” meaning more valuable than normal because it’s corona virus time, a testimonial video is always worth gold. A testimonial video shows my network of potential client(s) &/or referral(s) the type of clients I've worked with. It has them thinking that they know someone (including potentially themselves) who has needed/wanted the same service(s) that I provided you. It also helps educate my clients on the importance of her service(s) as well as gives them that extra “nudge” for those who maybe ‘on the fence’ with hiring me (meaning not sure). A testimonial video (in general) also tells my network what a great job I'm doing which assists in marketing my business, etc.

[NOTE: If you are so opposed to the testimonial video, I can accept a letter of recommendation in lieu of it in addition to a positive written review as described below. Of course, if you’re not strongly opposed to the testimonial video, I would appreciate everything]. It’s generally best to wait for the letter of recommendation for when there’s an actual position, I'm applying for &/or the ability for me to send one in (depending on the job application setup) so that you and I can target it to the position I'm applying for so it may not necessarily be immediately after we finish this project.] A letter of recommendation is a letter that talks about why I’m an awesome candidate & what I’m currently doing and did in the past. It’s basically having someone who can vouch for me whether it's a current or former colleague/client, etc. It's approximately a page to a page and a quarter. Letters of recommendation are used when applying for jobs & in my business applying for freelance writing & editing positions is another way that I grow my business. And since Corona virus, the competition has been PAST stiff to land remote positions (in general) so I've found that having letters of recommendations helps me stand out amongst 200+ applicants for one position that was posted on LinkedIn within 8 hours (as just an example). It’s so effective, that I was offered 2 freelance writing jobs as a result. We can do this by either editing whatever you write first &/or me writing it for you and having you review for any edits.

If you do the testimonial video &/or enjoyed working with me &/or felt you did a good job &/or want to support my business & myself, you understand that you will be willing to also write an awesome testimonial answering those questions (above) that would normally be discussed in the testimonial video for me to use for marketing my business (i.e. my newsletter, social media, & website) & allowing me to proofread it and edit it prior (I will run the final review by you) to ensure you agree with it prior to use for my property to use for advertising in my business wherever I see fits. Generally, the same script for the video can be used, but may need some minor edit(s) (i.e., LinkedIn limits the characters for a written recommendation, so for example, we would cut out “Hi, I’m [your name here]” that you may have used in your testimonial video script). Once the final written testimonial is approved by us, then I will request that you can post it on my LinkedIn & any other website(s) I may need you to post it on [currently the only other website I would need it on would be Thervo.com besides LinkedIn, but I usually leave this clause open-ended in the event I discover a new site that would require reviews]. 


It’s important that you take studying the testimonial script serious & don’t let too much time lag after hiring me for this project/(s) because: 1. The enthusiasm, appreciation, & detailed knowledge about the services you hired me for could potentially start to fade & it won’t make for as a great of a testimonial video. 2. This is crucial in assisting me in marketing my business. 3. There will be more video(s)/positive review(s)/written recommendation(s) that I would like done after each project so it’s important to make sure they are done & not pile up & get to be too long, too much work, etc. Just like it’s important that you take writing the positive review & having me approve it prior to posting it on the sites I request shortly after this project for the same reasons as listed for the testimonial video above. (If for whatever reason you already know it won’t be a good time for you upon the completion of the project to shoot the testimonial video &/or write the positive testimonial review/letter of recommendation, I will wait until you are available, trusting that you will do as soon as possible.)


Although I always promise to provide the most accurate, honest, and in your best interest to the best of my ability while working with you, I cannot guarantee any outcome and therefore by paying for my services you (&/or anyone else if it's not you paying) agree to release me and my company of any legal liability (small claims court or otherwise). You (&/or any third-parties if you're not paying) also understand there are no refunds of any kind. This means you (&/or any third-parties) will not dispute the charge with your financial institution and/or credit card company and/or my newsletter’s credit card processing company, etc. for a refund. 


You &/or your third-parties also agree that you will not write any bad review(s) about working with me/mybusiness online, including contacting the Better Business Bureau, etc. for a complaint/negative review and/or do any bad review sharing impersonating someone else and/or having someone else in place of the person that these services are intended for in any fashion (online and/or verbally).


Feel free to contact me via email for any questions you may have & you can request to setup a phone call with me (if desired) just state that in the email & allow plenty of time (so contact me as soon as possible) to allow for scheduling the call & ample time to answer all questions you may have & to still be able to meet deadlines for this offer. **To ensure your email gets to my inbox & not in my "Spam" folder (for example, if you've never emailed me before/with your new email address, etc.) I'd advise sending a follow up email through my contact form link here: worksolutionstoday.com/contact.html which definitely goes straight to my email inbox.**


If you agree with the above terms & conditions, click the "Register Now!" button below to purchase your service(s). Thank you!