Friday, April 12, 2019      1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EDT
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Green Hills Community - Foundation Hall 
6557 US Rt 68 S
West Liberty, OH 43357

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Jessica Rhoades 
Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Services Board of Logan/Champaign Co. 

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Adventure Therapy: Brief Overview

Bobbi Beale, PsyD 

Bobbi Beale, PsyD of Life Adventures For All is coming April 12, 2019 to present Adventure Therapy: Brief Overview.

Adventure Therapy (AT)

In adventure therapy, the client actively participates in therapy, rather than being a spectator to change which is particularly important considering the kinesthetic needs of children and youth.     The use of cooperative games, problem solving initiatives and adventrue activities guided by the treatment team provide clients with immediate and concrete consequences of their behaviors.  These experiences are then processed and discussed both individually and as a group in order to promote learning and positive change. It is the conjunction of adventure activities and the    intentional processing and relection of these experiences connected with treatment goals, which make the adventure activities an effective vehicle for clinical change.

Uniquely Engaging - trained facilitators invite active participation without demanding personal exposure to make treatment gains. 

Experiential - multi-sensorial activities engage the brain with minimal resistance.

Trauma Informed Care - AT is grounded in a relational approach, recognizing that symptoms are simply adaptive behaviors in response to traumatic stress and utilizing experiential techniques that avoid cognitive gaps and resistance.

Resiliency Focused - interventions and activities focus more on expanding strengths than managing symptoms. 

In Vivo Skill Rehearsal - skills are learned and rehearsed repeatedly in session, strengthening neural pathways and increasing the likelihood that they can access new skill sets in the future. 

POP Coaching - point of performance coaching is highly effective in reinforcing positive behaviors and interrupting unwanted behaviors.

Evidence Supported - published research article in 2012 documents effectiveness of community based AT and highlights positive impact on minority clients and girls.

 Flexible Application of AT Programming

 * Group Therapy * Day Treatment *Intensive Home-Based Treatment

* Family Therapy * Partial Hospitalization * Residential and Day Camps

* Independent Living * Workshops and events