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Thursday July 24, 2014 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM EDT
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Hill Ward Henderson 
Bank of America Plaza
101 East Kennedy Blvd.
8th floor
Tampa, FL 33602

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LMASE - Christina Calhoun 
Carlton Fields Jorden Burt 

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  • August 21 - Sally Schmidt, Schmidt Marketing, Inc., on Coaching
  • September 11 - Marcie Borgal Shunk, LawVision,  What Clients Want and Aren't Getting... And Why
  • October 15 - Traci Cleary, Connection Point Coaching, 
  • November 13 - Panel presentation with Poston Communications, Integrating Business Development and Media Relations


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LMASE Tampa Bay - Beyond Solutions: Win With Wisdom Selling 

Selling legal services is tricky when a client doesn’t have a pressing legal issue or urgent legal problem to address.  The pressure to sell can sometimes look like “solutions in search of problem” instead of first learning about a client’s vision, strategy and bigger picture before designing an optimal solution.  Furthermore, clients may not “know what they don’t know” (or need to know) in order to recognize an opportunity with your firm to protect an interest, manage a risk or advance a strategic goal.

Addressing a key trend in legal business development, this program is designed to help participants re-imagine the sales process as an act of “lawsulting” (business consulting and legal advising) by packaging and sharing critical insights, knowledge and wisdom to generate new business leads and motivate clients to take action.  Wisdom Selling gives lawyers and law firms a tangible way to accelerate revenue, build a sales pipeline and develop authentic client relationships that out-behave the competition.

Tracy LaLonde AkinaSPEAKER: Tracy LaLonde helps lawyers and law firms develop business. With a background in professional development, adult learning and marketing, she helps lawyers to become business partners with their clients. With an emphasis on clients’ needs, issues and opportunities, she has helped several hundred lawyers generate millions in business through Akina’s coaching and training offerings. Prior to joining Akina, Tracy worked in professional development in three law firms, and before entering the legal industry in 2000, she helped computer programmers become consultants in the high-tech industry serving as a skilled training facilitator.

Special thanks to our law firm host, Hill Ward Henderson, and our program sponsor, Pinstripe Marketing! 

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