Sunday-Wednesday, August 8-11, 2021 
6:00 - 8:30 pm Sunday and  9:00 am - 8:30 pm Monday - Wednesday CDT

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Remnant Church of Jesus Christ 
2820 M 291 Frontage Road
(Gathering Place Worship Center)
Independence, MO 64057

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Doug Patterson & Anita McKiddie, Registrars
Joint Conference of Restoration Branches 
816-252-1457, ext. 109
registrar@conferenceofbranches.org or
anitamckiddie@gmail.com or



2021 General Conference
Called in Latter Days to Be a Voice of...


Dear Friends of the Restoration:

We have been eagerly looking forward to the time when we can once again gather in worship and fellowship. That time is now here!

 As previously announced, we are calling a General Conference of the Saints for August 8th -11th , 2021.  We will be holding the Conference at the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ’s Gathering Place at 2820 M 291 Frontage Road, Independence, MO 64057 (Worship Center). We will also be attempting to broadcast from satellite locations outside the USA.

The Conference is open for all members of Restoration branches and organizations across the world and is a solemn occasion to consider the special calling of the Restoration to establish the cause of Zion in these latter days. We will worship together and seek the Lord’s blessing and guidance for His church and will consider specific opportunities to give living expression to our unique calling within the Christian community. This Conference is open to all, with voting rights extended to all baptized members as outlined in JCRB resolutions.

Our Theme for this Conference is We are called to be a voice of Warning, of Consolation, of Inspiration, of Hope. One need not look too far outside of the windows of our seemingly safe homes to understand the prophetic nature of this calling in these times. We believe that this calling requires us to be fully engaged in God’s work to redeem His people and prepare for the coming of Zion, despite these perilous times.

We encourage you to come worship and plan with fellow travelers on the Old Old Path so that together, in unity, we can fulfill the honorable calling as disciples in these last days. Only in the peace of fraternity and the unity of those caught up in the spirit of Zionic redemption can the work of the Lord be accomplished. To this task let the church devote its energies (DC 136:3c).

As we prepare for this upcoming conference, may His Spirit touch your soul and open your heart to allow the fullest expression of His will in your life.

God Bless you; we look forward to your participation.

Your brother in Christ,
David R. Whiting,
General Conference Vice-President