Four weekend modules throughout the year. Classes will be held Friday - Sunday (15 hours per module)

September 1-3,   November 10-12,   

February 2-4, 2018  April 27-29 2018

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Ashland Oregon, venue TBA 
Ashland, OR 97520  



Janie Chandler 
Energy Medicine Now 

Cultivate Your Artistry: Marrying Technique with Instinct for the Healing Arts Practitioner 

A year-long program designed to integrate the skills, confidence, and intuition essential for mastery.

For energy medicine practitioners, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, energy kinesiologists ...

  • Ground your practice in the art and law of Nature

  • Heaven Rushing In

    Move from your Sacred Self

  • Unite intellectual knowledge with kinesthetic experience

  • Expand your perception of energy

  • Develop your intuitive capacity

  • Transform, inspire and provoke holiness/wholeness in yourself and your clients

  • Weave Mystery, Reverence, and Beauty into your vocation

The threads that will weave your artistry together:

Meditation - Building Your Inner Sanctuary

Yin and Yang - Working With the Divine Pulse of the Universe

Five Elements - Embracing the Dance of Fluctuation

Appreciating Triple Warmer - Blessing Our Fight-Flight-Freeze Instinct

Table Time - Bringing It All Through You


Janie Chandler and Debra Burchard Cultivating Your Artistry is offered by Janie Chandler LMT,  EEM-AP, and Debra Burchard, CEnK-3, EEM-AP. They are  both Founding Faculty Members of Donna Eden's Energy  Medicine Certification Program.

 Janie and Debra are both earth-centric practitioners who have  a deep commitment to bringing art, humor, beauty and multi-  sensorial experience to the learning environment. Together    they bring a combined experience of fifty years in the field of    traditional healing techniques. 


Cost: $349 per class, with discount for paying in full (all four modules), by July 31st.

($1,260 for the full year in advance. Does not include pre-classes.)

15 CEUs per module available for massage therapists.

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