Summer Smarts Choral Workshop - Preparation for Adjudication


Dr. Stephen Hodge 
UT Department of Music


Monday June 11, 2012 at 8:30 AM EDT
Thursday June 14, 2012 at 5:30 PM EDT

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University of Toledo Center for Performing Arts 
Towerview W and W Rocket Dr
Toledo, OH 43606

Driving Directions 

University of Toledo College of Visual and Performing Arts


You have the option to take this workshop for college credit (undergraduate or graduate). The advantage is it can be applied toward a degree--now or in the future. The course name is MUS 4980-003 (undergraduate) / MUS 6980-003 (graduate) and is valued at 2 credit hours. Below is a guide to help you proceed, depending on your student status.

CURRENT UT STUDENTS (undergraduate or graduate) If you are pursuing a degree and are already enrolled at UT, just register for the workshop as you would for any other class.  However, you must still register here as a student taking the workshop for college credit and pay for your course pack by June 11.

GUEST STUDENT If you are enrolled at another institution, enroll with UT as a Guest Student (undergraduate or graduate) and earn credit for the course in that way. Check with your home institution to verify that it will allow the course to transfer. 

UNDERGRADUATE If you are not enrolled at UT, and want to take the workshop for college credit, you will need enroll with an SPU application, a type of enrollment known as "special student status." This helps to simplify your enrollment process when you're taking a class or two, or a workshop, and are not currently pursuing a degree program. The workshop can still be applied to a degree in the future. A $40 application fee is all that is required to get started. No transcripts or test scores are required for the "special student status" application. Financial aid is not available for this student status.

Get An SPU Application This application is not available online but can be filled out in person at the Admissions Office (Rocket Hall, Suite 1300), or one can be faxed or mailed to you upon request. Call 419.530.8888, or email the UT Undergraduate Office of Admissions at

GRADUATE You can obtain graduate level credit for this workshop if you hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. You can earn credit toward a graduate degree program at UT even if you are not enrolled at UT in a graduate degree program. Visit the UT College of Graduate Studies web site and apply for a Graduate Non-Degree Application.

DO I STILL NEED TO REGISTER HERE OR JUST THROUGH UT ADMISSIONS? Both! Whether you are applying as an undergraduate, graduate or guest student, we still need to register you here for the workshop. Click the Register Now button on the right and sign up as a student taking the workshop for college credit.  

COSTS While the cost of participation in the workshop is waived for students taking the workshop for college credit, you are still responsible for the music course pack/lunch fee of $95. This must be paid by the first day of the workshop. For details on UT enrollment fees and tuition costs, contact the UT Admissions Office (undergraduate level) or the College of Graduate Studies (graduate level).

Registration Deadline: May 28   REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Take your choral group to competition in top form! Learn techniques for preparing your group to perform for adjudication while you also explore new and exciting music. Finish the week with a concert of the group’s favorites, and take home a folder of 50 now-familiar new pieces to work on with your own singers.

Standard choral music reading workshops are all too common. While these events introduce new choral music, the selections are often read too quickly, with little or no attention to evaluation or analysis. The only activity for participants is singing. 

At our workshop approximately 50 selections will be introduced, studied, rehearsed and presented by educators within a classroom environment. You will also receive effective interactive instruction in choral directing, analysis and evaluation, discussion, and design of lesson plans suitable for secondary choral classroom use. This workshop culminates with a concert, Thursday, June 14 at 7 p.m.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is intended for secondary vocal music educators, advanced high school and college students, and advanced singers within the Northwest Ohio, Southeastern Michigan area and beyond. It is designed to introduce selective choral music appropriate for performance at adjudicated events--in particular those sponsored by the Ohio Music Education Association and the Michigan Music Education Association.

Basic Schedule
Monday-Thursday, June 11-14 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We break from 12 noon to 1 p.m. each day and lunch is provided.

Registration & Check-in
Registration Deadline: May 28  Payment must be made by the start of the workshop. Register today by clicking the registration link at the bottom of this page. You can also register multiple participants (up to 8) from the same school at the same time if you so desire. Check-in for the event is Monday, June 11 from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. in the UT Center for Performing Arts.  The CPA is located on main campus at the corner of Towerview and W. Rocket Drive. Use the West Entrance off Secor Road. 

During the workshop, parking is provided free of charge. Parking passes at UT are now electronic. Information about your vehicle is provided to campus police and entered into a data base. Once you are in the data base, you do not need to display a parking pass and may park anywhere on campus where students can park. To use UT handicapped parking you must also display the handicapped parking placard. When you register, you will need to provide the following: Make, Model, Year, Color, State, License Plate #, and Indicate if you have a Handicapped placard. Have this infromation handy when you register.

Parents of minor students must complete and sign the Permission/Medical Consent form, which permits students to participate, provides emergency medical info and authorizes treatment of the student in the event of an emergency. Download the PDF form.

COST (lunch is provided daily for all participants)

Professional Participant $285 ($210 participation fee/lunch + $75 music course pack)
Student Participant - $190 ($115 participation fee/lunch + $75 course pack)
College Credit Participant - $95 (covers course pack and lunch)

You have the option to take this workshop for college credit. The advantage is it can be applied toward a degree--now or in the future. Details are in the box to your left.

Online payment:   Visa, MC, Amex, & Discover or PayPal are accepted.
Checks:   Make check payable to UT College of Visual and Performing Arts. Must be mailed in advance in order for music to be mailed to you.
Deadline for Payment: JUNE 11, 2012 (this includes the course pack/lunch fee for students taking the workshop for college credit.)
Deadlines for fees for tuition, enrollment: If you are taking the workshop for college credit, follow the applicable enrollment guidelines.

CANCELLATION NOTE: In the unlikely event that enrollment in this workshop does not meet its minimum requirement number of participants, it will be cancelled. All monies paid by registered participants will be fully refunded. If a participant chooses to cancel his or her registration prior to the event, they will receive a refund of any money paid. Refunds to those students taking the workshop for college credit will follow University of Toledo admissions policy. Visit UT's Rocket Solutions Central for more information

We look forward to having YOU join us!