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Fundamentals of Family Case Management in Head Start


Monday, July 29, 2019 at 9:00 AM MDT
Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 4:00 PM MDT

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Downtown Atlanta Peachtree

210 Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Room Rate: $189.00 per person

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Ebony Vaughn
HS University
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HS University invites you to join us in Atlanta, GA for the Family EngagementTraining conference. This newly added conference will introduce basic foundation for good practice and how it is central to social services, ethics and ethical issues and the importance of assessment.  Students will examine their thinking that can impede effective helping in family service. Participants will take a look at issues of cultural diversity, moving to the role of personal attitudes and boundaries.  Exercises will encourage students to examine realistically their own attitudes and judgements. Forms will be provided that ask for basic information teaching students what is important in needs assessment. Also the course will address effective communication with parents by looking at good and poor responses.  Student will learn about listening and responding, asking questions, bringing up difficult issues, responding to emotions, confronting problematic behavior and disarming anger.

The 2 day course is developed to address implementation of policies and procedures to ensure programs are serving families with the greatest need. Each conference will provide students with the following strategies to ensure federal compliance:

  • 2 days of in-depth regulations training
  • A 300 page course manual
  • A newly designed course workbook to practice skills of applying regulations to program situations
  • Access to Blackboard Web Resource to download periodicals, regulations and helpful changes to standards 
  • Forms and presentation features and outlines to help you re-train
    Call Now Pic your staff when you return to your program  
  • Online practice exams to test your program staffs ability and knowledge  

Why attend HS University training?

The true value of training is where it can take you. At HS University, we strive to make our training meet compliance issues upon your return to your program.  We have 24/7 student support, our 250+ page course manual is recognized by federal review teams as an excellent resource of compliance. 

Smaller class sizes...

Our class size is small (usually 15-40 people). Smaller class size means trainers can use that information to tailor the approach to the group so they don’t have to teach in a one-size-fits-all model. It means more incentive for students to pay attention and become engaged in a small class. Students have a greater chance to get to network and benefit from other student comments. Lastly, our trainings are designed as a curriculum to transfer to higher education learning.  Keeping class sizes smaller allows more Universities to accept our trainings as college credit.  

Benefits of HS University trainings...

At HS University it is all about learning.  We focus on regulations compliance from Office of Head Start standards.  We make trainings informative, fun and interactive. We also offer flexible scheduling with the option to attend classes from your desk at work via Blackboard Learn online, or at a conference location near you. We never talk gimmics.  We give valuable information that is crucial to meeting compliance.  We explain the standards from Office of Head Start point of view.  No keys, no legal scare tatics, just plain regulations solutions.  We don't link ourselves to any university, because WE ARE A UNIVERSITY... a University serving ONLY Head Start.  

Our students say it best...

"We have been attending HS University for years and have learned more than any other training company. Our manuals are our regulations bibles. This years federal review was fun for the first time.  We laughed and had the best federal on-site review.  Our staff was relaxed and knew exactly how to answer questions asked by on-site reviewers."                                                            Head Start Program, Bishop, CA

We set higher standards!  HS University... We are a different school of learning!

Call 1-888-282-7817 today and register to get your program in compliance.