September 17, 2015, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
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Chicago Academy of Sciences
Peggy Notebaert Nature Center
2430 N Cannon Drive
Chicago, IL 60614

Driving Directions 

Details and FAQs

Justification Letter: Why your company should invest in this Summit.

 This program is an investment and commitment by both you and your company to:

  • Support you in learning skills and practices that will help you become more resilient and optimize your personal performance; 
  • Enhance your leadership capacity to cultivate a culture of resilience and peak performance in others and the organization as a whole; and
  • Prepare you and your team for the ever-growing challenges of leading and delivering in the accelerating world of modern business: "It will never be this slow again" 

What is the price for a ticket? 

  • General admission is $495
  • Student tickets $65 

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes.  Please contact Monica Goebel for details. Monica@TheArtofReallyLiving.com   

What is the dress code?

Business casual.  

What are my parking options? 

There are some free parking spaces along Cannon and Stockton Drive.  There is a paid parking lot with an entry on Cannon directly across the street from the Nature Center. 

What is The Art of Really Living?

The Art of Really Living is a movement and philosophy. We help you design a strengths-focused resilient life so you can create intense and memorable experiences that slow time and help you live (almost) forever.   

What is SuperSmartHealth?

SuperSmartHealth provides Live Training, Workshops, Online Education, Executive Coaching, Books and Keynotes in Neuroscience and Mindfulness Based Stress Management and Resilience Training to empower you to lead well from within so you can lead well in the world.


Contact Monica for information about sponsorship opportunities and group discounts. 262-903-9270 

Contact Details

Monica Goebel 
The Art of Really Living 

Half day professional development session for business leaders in high-stress and rapidly changing organizations

Stress, burnout and fatigue can cost millions in lost revenue, lost talent and lost clients. Has burnout crept into your professional life? How about your team? Are any people you rely on at risk of burnout, disengagement and lower productivity?

Burnout is not a "given," and it is not something we must accept. Rather, you can avoid it by developing resilience, an easy trait to build in yourself and foster in others. 

How? Through neuroscience, and that's not a joke. Resiliency is a leadership skill that will set you apart from the pack, and with the science on our side, we'll prove it to you. 

 Come to the Summit to learn neuroscience-based techniques to:

  • navigate stress,
  • optimize your mindset,
  • increase engagement, and
  • power up with a new edge to achieve peak performance and enhance the bottom line.
businessman between a rock and a hard space

The Problem

According to surveys: about 75% of Americans experience moderate to severe stress on a daily basis. Even worse, more than 90% of leaders have experienced symptoms of burnout, which include feelings of fatigue, disconnection in relationships and reduced significance at work. When leaders suffer, the culture and performance of their organizations and families do too.

Are you and your team struggling to innovate and perform at higher levels while under intense pressure to get results? If so, you are likely experiencing high levels of chronic stress and maybe even burnout. The pressure to perform at work and home is getting stronger, not easing up. Stress, burnout and fatigue can cause business leaders and their teams to suffer. The damage shows up in the form of lost productivity, disengagement, and lower profits. And, there is also a high likelihood that you are irreparably damaging your health and eroding your most important relationships too. 

The Solution

Resilience sign with a road background  Stress is not going away. But there is something you can do. Develop your resilience. Whether you or your team members are experiencing stress or burnout, or are simply looking to power up with a new edge to sustain high levels of performance and enrich your life, the Resiliency 2.0 Summit will inspire and empower you with an innovative neuroscience-based approach to thrive and lead well at work or at home even in the midst of the most challenging of circumstances.

 At the Summit, you will learn: 

  1. Why you need to get off the stress and burnout trajectory . . . before the divorce, heart attack or career implosion happens. 
  2. How a simple 4-step system can help you find more peace, calm, focus and resilience.
  3. How to hack your brain so you can optimize your energy and perform at higher levels.  . . . as well as inspire this process in your team.

The Neuroscience of Stress vs Peak Performance

  • Do you know that stress can inhibit your or your team's optimal performance? 
  • It makes you react out of your fear-based brain, and crushes innovation, creativity and risk-taking.
  • Discover science-based brain hacking techniques so you bounce back quicker from stress, connect more fully and deeply with people you care about and let your creativity and innovation flow!

4 Brain-Based Steps to Beating Stress and Building Resilience, Creativity and Innovation

  • Can you consciously access your creativity and innovation at will? 
  • Do you believe that your thoughts affect your behavior and even your health? 
  • Discover how to shift your mindset to get out of negativity and fear while powering up to sustain or create higher levels of performance and enrich your life.

Inspiring Stories from People Who Have Cultivated Resilience to Improve Their Personal and Work Relationships and Lives

Discover the remarkable achievements of people who have brain-hacked their way to living more resilient, creative, innovative and conscious lives aligned with their sense of purpose, meaning and significance - and how you can do that too.

Meet The Experts

Daniel Friedland, MD, an expert on neuroscience-based leadership, peak performance and evidence-based medicine, has devoted himself to transforming the lives of leaders and their organizations, by empowering them to effectively:

  • Navigate stress
  • Make smarter health, business and life decisions
  • Optimize health, relationships and productivity
  • Achieve peak performance

Daniel wrote one of the first textbooks on Evidence-Based Medicine. He is also the author of The Big Decision, which he wrote with his 14-year-old son Zach, to inspire and empower better life decisions at home and at work. In addition he is the author of the soon to be published book, Leading Well From Within and the creator of the 8-week online program called The 4 in 4 Framework™ to Achieve Peak Performance.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and President and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, which provides neuroscience and mindfulness based Executive Coaching, Peak Performance Training and Conscious Leadership Programs to empower individuals and organizations to thrive.

Click here to watch Daniel speak.

John K. Coyle, MBA, is an expert in innovation and design thinking. John's experience as an Olympic medalist and successful businessman have shaped the stories that are woven into his workshops and presentations. His message: the best way to unlock human potential, drive growth and build resilience is to design lives, careers, and teams maximizing strengths rather than fixing weaknesses.

John is a graduate of the Stanford d.school, two time TEDx speaker, Professor of Innovation and NBC Commentator/Analyst, who achieved breakthrough performance against the odds. His passions lie in the areas of innovation, strengths, resiliency and experiential time. 

John founded The Art of Really Living, a movement and philosophy to help people design strengths-focused, resilient lives, so they can create intensely memorable experiences that slow time and allow them to really live (almost) forever. 

Click here to watch John speak.