Self Care for Lightworkers with Kimberly Winsor 


Sunday October 10, 2021 12pm - 2pm EST

Sunday October 24, 2021 12pm-2pm EST

Sunday January 23, 2024 12pm-2pm EST

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ISD Lotus Center/Landon House 
124 County Highway 58
Oneonta, NY 13820

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Kimberly Winsor 
Institute for Spiritual Development 

Meet Your Instructor

Kimberly Winsor, LMT, RPP holds a Dual Certification in Massage and Polarity Therapies, Certifications in Practical Herbology and Flower Essence Therapies, Aromatherapy and is a Birth Doula. For over 20 years she has found great joy in facilitating health and  balance in people, animals and the environment.


Special Guest:  Jerry Becker

Kimberly welcomes one of her very influential mentors, Jerry Becker, who will be a special guest presenter on Class #2 of the series, on October 24th.  Jerry is a Healing Touch Practitioner & Instructor, Qualified Mentor and Ayurveda Educator. Jerry's intention is for you to be well. He empowers students and clients to learn about themselves and helps each person to understand their unique place in the universe.

More Information: Healing Certification Program

This workshop series is the second in a series of 7 classes required for the ISD Oneonta Healing Certification Program. Although it is a requirement for the healing certification program, you don’t have to be a student in the healing certification to register.  Registration is opne to Anyone at all levels in their development.    Click here for Program Description, to meet the faculty, and see tuition rates.  You may register for the whole program, or for just this class at the link below. Those who choose to take the whole program become sanctioned healers for ISD, and are certified to practice healing at ISD Services & events. You can also just take the classes one at a time- they do not have to be in sequence - and register separately.  You may, if you prefer, take the classes over a longer time period, as they will keep repeating. To receive the discounted rate, you must pre-pay for all 7 through the link to the first class, "History & Science of Energy Healing". . .

Self-care for Lightworkers is an in-person 3 part series that will give students exposure to valuable resources and practices to be able to do just that. Kimberly Winsor, LMT, RPP teaches body and energy centered approaches to creating and maintaining clear, positive energy in yourself and your work environment, whether you are an energy healer, providing healing sessions for friends & family,  or accessing your intuition for to provide intuitively received messages.

Anchoring a smooth flow of light, of intention and of positive energy through a living, pulsing being is not easy. It takes heart, perspective, and lots of practice.  Self-care for the Lightworker is a 3 part series that will give students exposure to valuable resources and practices to be able to do just that.

Drawing from a variety of backgrounds, this module will be an experiential and expansive delving into East Asian energy practices, Ayurvedic Prana Healing, indigenous wisdom practices and deep, intimate work with angels and spirit guides of many levels. The goal is to empower students to build their understanding of their own energy fields and boundaries, to take positive authentic possession of them and to be able to compassionately and wisely navigate themselves through a world that can at times be confusing and sometimes just downright rough on empaths =)   


Included in the module will be methods and practice in:     

  • Becoming AWARE of who you are energetically and self-scans
  • Creating a sacred space in yourself and your environment
  • Grounding exercises and ways to connect to the divine and to nature
  • Using vibrational shifts to manage space, relationships, and healing sessions
  • How to safely hold a loving space for yourself and clients


This is intended to be a fun and elastic journey into life skills that anyone walking the Earth today might need! Classes taught in person at ISD Oneonta headquarters.

General Tuition:  $72 for all 3; ISD Member Discount: $66.

Register at the link below, even if you pre-paid for the whole series!