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     On-going for 12 Weeks



On Going Event at Brook N' Dell Virtual Village 


Resilience Living Connect NOW Challenge 

 You are invited to join us ....

Take the 

"Now" Challenge

The 12 Week Challenge in On-Going

Begins when you complete your registration

This invitation is for everyone between 18 and ^

This invitation goes out to Groups and Individuals.

  Students, Business men and women

Volunteers and Organizations

Individuals, Educators and Caregivers

and YOU!


Ask yourself if you need more

  • Positive support
  • Motivation
  • Focus
  • Happiness in Your Life
  • Ears to listen to you
  • Friendships
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Successes in Your Life
  • Feel Good about Yourself
  • There are probably more things you need however this is a chance at a new beginning!

 The "Now" Challenge will start helping you find answers to these questions! 

During the "Now" Challenge the focus will be on you and your needs

How are we going to do this?

The NOW Challenge audio-call, resources and activity sheets are

located at Brook N' Dell Virtual Village "NOW" Room

The 12 weeks include -

  • Weekly Audio-Call  
  •  a coaching session
  • resources
  • support and conversation  and applause   

Session Follow-up

On-line and phone support


Register now and join us for your 1st day of the NOW Challenge

  The "Now" Challenge fee is $75.00.*  10% goes to charity

*There are no extra fees except for any books that are used during our challenge and you might want to purchase.  You will be able to purchase all books through our "NOW" Best Self Help Books site.  Amazon and Simple Truths process all our orders.


 Let's join together and let us Nurture Our world...That is what "NOW" stands for.

Don't waste any more time...Register now and join a great group of special people. 

 Be Prepared to Ignite your life throughout 2011 with a fantastic beginning!

(Still not sure- Listen to my broadcast and learn more about me and my mission and what I want for you.... or

It is time now for you to join us!  You can register below.  That is the first step in taking The NOW Challenge!