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Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 12:30 PM EDT
Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 5:30 PM EDT

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Fitchburg Sportsmen's Club 
289 Rindge State Rd (Rt 119)
Ashburnham, MA 01430

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Rainer Fuchs 

Drills for Field Work

Important! All working spots in the class are filled -- This registration is for AUDITING only.

Improve your dog's performance in the field and enhance your problem-solving skills!

"I can't get my dog to take good casts"   ---   "My dog head-swings"

"My dog doesn't like to run close to guns"   ---   "His initial line on blinds is awful"

"My dog starts a hunt but then gives up"   ---   "Anything I can do to improve his marking?"

This two-day, interactive workshop will discuss the use of marking, lining and handling drills to address specific problem areas or to take a dog's performance to the next level. Participants are strongly encouraged to share thoughts, ideas, tricks, and insights.

Day 1: Marking drills and concepts. Marking is the most important ability dogs need to demonstrate in hunt tests and field trials. We will discuss drills to improve marking and perseverance, the concepts behind the various marking setups, how to help with head-swinging, etc.

Day 2: Lining and handling drills. To succeed in hunt tests and field trials dogs need to be able to successfully complete blinds, by properly responding to your whistle commands and hand signals. We will discuss a range of drills to improve the teamwork between you and your dog, to get better initial lines and solid cast response.

Though topics of basic training may come up and can be addressed, the goal of this workshop is to help improve your team's performance, not to teach the fundamentals of how to train retrievers.

About the instructor:

Rainer Fuchs has been training his own dogs for 20 years. For almost 15 years he has focused on field work and is an active competitor in AKC field trials and hunt tests. He has put multiple titles on his dogs and has qualified repeatedly at the Master National. Many workshops with Mike Lardy, Pat Burns, Bill Hillmann, Dave Rorem and other top trainers have helped Rainer grow his understanding of the game. Rainer is also an AKC approved judge for all levels of hunt tests.