Session I: Tuesday, Nov. 18: 13:30 AST | 10:30 MST

Session II: Wednesday, Nov. 19: 15:00 AST | 12:00 MST

Session III: Thursday, Nov. 20: 13:30 AST | 10:30 MST

Session IV: Wednesday, Nov. 26: 15:00 AST | 12:00 MST


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Joel Thomas 
National Information Sharing Consortium  

CAUSE III Webcasts 

***Webinar Announcment***

The CAUSE III webinar scheduled for Tuesday, November 25, has been postponed due to inclement weather. The webinar will take place November 26, at 2pm Eastern/12pm Mountain Time. More information is available at www.nisconsortium.org/cause.

The third iteration of the Canada – U.S. Enhanced Resiliency Experiment is taking place this month. Four one-hour webcasts will shed light on the groundbreaking activities of CAUSE III. Each session will include narration of the day’s events, updates on actions taken that day, and commentary from participants leading the effort. Each session will have a unique focus, and interested stakeholders are invited to join the events. These events are open to practioners and relevant stakeholders, but are not open to members of the press.

Event Details 

  • Session I: Tuesday, November 18: 13:30 AST | 12:30 EST | 11:30 CST | 10:30 MST
    • Scenario: East Coast Hurricane
    • Focus: Alerts, Warnings & Notifications
  • Session II: Wednesday, November 19: 15:00 AST | 14:00 EST | 13:00 CST | 12:00 MST
    • Scenario: East Coast Hurricane
    • Focus: Social Media for Emergency Management
  • Session III: Thursday, November 20: 13:30 AST | 12:30 EST | 11:30 CST | 10:30 MST
    • Scenario: East Coast Hurricane
    • Focus: Cross-border Mutual Aid
  • Session IV: Wednesday, November 26: 15:00 AST | 14:00 EST | 13:00 CST | 12:00 MST
    • Scenario: Wildfire in the Western Plains
    • Focus: Land Mobile Radio & Deployable LTE

CAUSE III builds on the lessons learned from CAUSE I and II, and will seek to address improving interoperable communications, resource management/sharing protocols, and a cross-border Concept of Operations. Intended outcomes include:

  • Enhanced resilience through improved interoperable shared situational awareness
  • Enhanced resilience in the border region
  • Enhanced cross-border trust relationships

Read more about CAUSE III, and the Beyond the Border Initiative on www.nisconsortium.org/cause.