Wednesday, April 15, 2020 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM EDT
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Sales Growth Series Session 4: How to Build Your Own Integrated Marketing/Sales System


You decide your goal is to double your sales while maintaining your profit level. You have discovered that one of your business services is generating 20% of your sales and 40% of your profit. You are sure you can achieve your goals, but want to proceed in the most cost-effective manner. Where should you start?

To be effective, integrating your marketing is a must. We address what that means for marketers. BUILD YOU BUSINESS MORE EASILY. CREATE A PERPETUAL MARKETING MACHINE.


  • What does IMS Mean?
    • What does IMS2 (Squared) Mean?
  • Understand How to Get the Maximum Benefit from YNS’ Integrated Marketing/Sales System2 (IMS2) Concepts
  • It provides BOTH Marketing and Business Benefits
  • How can it accomplish all these results?
  • What Are Some IMS2 Examples?
  • Why Radio/TV? How Your Radio Program Helps You 
  • What Tools Does YNS Use with Customers?