Thursday, October 19, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM CDT
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This is a livestream event.


Dana Wilkes
Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

Information Security Officer (ISO) Education:
Becoming Your Bank's Information Security Superhero

Livestream Event

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Sessions Held from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM CT

Registration Fees

Early Registration (on or before Tuesday, October 10th) - $650 per attendee

Early Enterprise-Level Registration (on or before Tuesday, October 10th) - $1,500 per bank (up to 5 attendees)*

Registration (after Tuesday, October 10th) - $750 per attendee

Day of Event Registration (on Thursday, October 19th) - $850 per attendee

*If selecting the Enterprise-Level Registration option, please register one designated coordinator for your bank.  We will contact this designated coordinator to complete registrations for additional attendees.


When cybersecurity threats are coming at banks faster than speeding bullets, how can bank ISOs save the day and bring truth, justics, and the American way to their banks?  No bank is invincible.  Every bank has its kryptonite.

Whether you're a new ISO or a seasoned one, every day brings new challenges that one must meet and defeat.  Oftentimes, one superhero and one set of superpowers is not enough to win the battle against cyber-villains.  When faced with multiple nemeses, a team approach can work best, and knowing where to find knowledge can be the key to victory.

With great power comes great responsibility.  Annual ISO education is expected by bank examiners and is needed to keep you in top shape to fight for your bank.  Let the Sawyers & Jacobs team be your ally and arm you with the tools and techniques to protect bank and customer information from those who wish to do you harm.

As you build your fortress of solitude, hear about the current cybersecurity threats facing bankers and how these threats are being thwarted with sound strategies, proper planning, and reasonable risk mitigation.  Because we engage with hundreds of banks across our great nation, we see and hear examples of what's working and what's failing so that we can pass that powerful information on to you through this educational event ... making you a stronger ISO in the process.

Ready for action? Register today and assemble with your peers for a unique approach to ISO education that will help you reach new heights in your career and better protect your bank or credit union from the forces of evil. 




  • ISO Fundamentals: Superpowers, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Cybersecurity Villains: Real-World Examples of the Most Likely Incidents in Community Bank
  • Satisfying the Regulators (Commissioner): Preparing for Your Next Examination



  • When Worlds Collide: How to Handle a Cybersecurity Incident and Avoid Damaging Your Bank's Reputation
  • New Third-Party Service Provider Management Guidance: Aligning Vendors to Mitigate Risk and Keep the Bank Flying High
  • Cybersecurity Risk and Reward: Delivering Super Digital Services in a Convenient Yet Secure Manner

4:00 p.m.  ADJOURN 


Who Should Attend?

This session will appeal to Information Security Officers (ISOs), chief risk officers, auditors, compliance officers, technology and operations management, chief financial officers, board members, and anyone else responsible for information security or cybersecurity preparedness.



Learn from the founders of Sawyers & Jacobs LLC, Jimmy Sawyers and Joshua Jacobs, who are some of the most experienced professionals in the banking industry.  As consultants who are doing this work in client financial institutions every week, your instructors can discuss practice, not just theory.  Get expert interpretation, not just a reading of the regulations.  Find out how information security incidents have been handled in financial institutions across the nation and how you can protect your organization and mitigate information security risk effectively and affordably. 

Benefits and Certificate

By completing this entertaining, informative, banking industry-specific training, participants will be provided with the knowledge and confidence necessary to take on the important role and responsibility of Information Security Officer.  In addition, participants will receive a personalized certificate of completion following this livestream event.

Note:  This is a Sawyers & Jacobs LLC event presented for bankers and examiners only.  

All content and materials (in print and electronic formats) are copyrighted and represent the intellectual property of Sawyers & Jacobs LLC.  Any content or materials from this event are not to be reproduced or distributed, in any form.  Individual handouts will be provided to paid registrants.  Such handouts are for their use only and are not to be copied or shared with other banks or any other third party. 

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