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From 9:30am-2:30pm (Doors open 9:00am)

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“50 Years of Assimilation, From the Midwest to the Wild West and All the Blackness & Whiteness In-Betweenis not an African American story, or a Black story, it is an American story.

This epistolary-style book addressed to Dr. MLK, Jr., is a series of vivid, heartfelt and poignantly revealing everyday occurences that modernizes the conversation of chasing freedom within the societal confines of race.

This book is a dream report, a tribute, a perspective, a freedom cry, a freedom call and a plea for humanity to do that “soul searching” and begin to take race off the table. To. Do. Better! It is recommended reading for anyone black, white, or other because you will find yourself in it, and gain something even more. This book is about love!



"I met Ms. Lee-Stevens at a conference and decided to buy her book as it takes courage to write about yourself, especially if it includes talking about race in the US. I wanted to know more about this woman who is only a few years younger than me and from a very different world (I am white and from San Francisco) - despite us both being American.

...Her honesty and love will help anyone ease into facing the legacy of white privilege and oppression in our country and want to do something about it. She doesn't come from a blame or shame place at all, just from her truth and that's powerful!"

"One of the things the world needs right now is ordinary people telling their stories, especially people whose experiences have often been marginalized. Wanda Lee-Steven’s 50 Years of Assimilation delivers, offering the reader a deeply personal story of what it was like coming of age and surviving as a Black woman in post-Civil Rights USA. Her book is honest, insightful, courageous, and full of humor....In this story, as in the book as a whole, Lee-Stevens is careful not to adopt some racial high ground. Rather, she simply shares with the reader the very real anxiety and awkwardness of trying to navigate the whitest of White spaces. The particularity of her experiences makes them interesting, but the authenticity of her voice, and her willingness to include the less flattering details about herself, renders her stories both funny and relatable...." 


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"This is an engaging and insightful memoir that will leave you with a deep appreciation for all the complex stories that can make up one woman's life. The author's wry humor and open-hearted generosity shine forth from even the most difficult experiences. This book offers an authentic and personal account of racism in America over the past half-century. I am better for having read it."



Wanda Lee-Stevens

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Why this workshop matters:

- Because you matter and your relationships with people matter

- Because the differences we are, can only be appreciated in relationship

- Because the world IS changing, the era of racial domination is coming to an end, and with it, racism, and why not be on the frontlines, affecting change

- Because our children and grandchildren deserve a better world

- Because when we know better, we do better!


The American Experience

"The Blackness, the Whiteness &

Ending the Racism In Between"

A Workshop for Realistic Change

Saturdays in 2020

9:30am - 2:30pm

Virtual via Zoom

Mills College

5100 MacArthur Blvd.

Building GSB, Oakland, CA 

(When it's safe to be inside)

Our nation's healing is going to start not necessarily with law and elections, or with the companies we work for, but with our personal conversations, beliefs and actions of who we say ourselves to be as a people/nation. Forces have re-emerged that promote divisiveness and separation. These and other recent events have pulled us, called us--to get up, stand up, RISE UP and make a better choice for ALL of humanity.


We all have them, the conscious ones and the unconscious ones.

The challenges are daily, in thought, conversation, observation, presentation, or possibly confrontation. These challenges often leave us in opposing stances (from subtle to polarizing) with presumably, no way out.

However, WE CAN talk about race in a way that removes the barriers, breaks down the resistance and brings forth the healing that our nation/world is crying for; the healing we all need, the healing we all need RIGHT NOW!

Do not allow the polarizing politics to leave you feeling stuck and more post-traumatic? Let's talk.


Shifting the paradigm of race-consciousness and unconsciousness requires individual intentionality.

If everyone of us can move our consciousness away from HUMANity (as White first then everyone else), and closer to HUEmanity (equally appreciating the diversity WE ALL ARE) then our collective consciousness improves exponentially.


This experiential workshop, offers practical real life ideas, and techniques, you can incorporate immediately to 'change the world from where you are', wherever you are on the race-relations spectrum. 

 In this guided workshop, you will:

  • Learn some 'real' history
  • Unconceal racial blindspots
  • Identify the levels of racism
  • Gain empathy and relatedness
  • Develop an actionable plan to begin to 'Change the world from where you are'
  • Experience a new level of freedom

What's included:

  • *Continental breakfast and boxed lunch
  • Workshop materials
  • A signed paperback copy of the book, "50 Years of Assimilation..."
  • An open, honest, and non-threatening environment
  • A 30-day follow-up team 1.5 hrs conference call 
  • Weekly immersion and enrichment exercises and assignments
  • A 90-day regroup for 3 hrs
(*Meals are not a part of the virtual experience)

What to bring:

Your truth and openness

From my heart to yours, and it is primarily heart work -- Let's do this! 

Join us,

Wanda Lee-Stevens, Author/Trainer/Speaker

Barbara Lipson, Sr. Program Manager/Certified Mediator

Ed.D Nolan Jones, (Consultant)

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