Friday, December 9, 2022 from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM PST
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Private Residence in Spring Valley, Las Vegas, NV 
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Mia Blaisdel 
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Knot Love: An Erotic Rope & Connection Workshop 

‘Knot Love: An Erotic Rope & Connection Workshop’ is an evening of community, intimacy, sensuality, and rope play (Shibari) in a safe container that honors boundaries and practices consent. 

This workshop will explore how to cultivate greater connection and erotic desire with yourself and others by combining elements of an open-hearted qigong and meditation practice, partner connection exercises, and an introduction to the art of erotic rope play. 

Become grounded in your own heart and embody more of your natural, authentic presence to more easily create deep, playful connection with others.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover how to get out of your head and into your heart

  • Explore ways to allow your erotic desire to flow more freely

  • Embody greater confidence in approaching other people

  • Experience erotic rope play as a way to deepen connection to yourself and others 

  • Learn about “musubi”, or the “knot that ties together”

You’ll leave this workshop with powerful and fun tools to weave a web of erotic connection during the evening and beyond!

We will have an opening circle for introductions and a lesson on creating a container of safety, consent, and boundaries. The workshop will include a series of guided connection exercises, an introduction to erotic rope play, and then free time to snuggle, flirt, and practice your new rope skills with each other. 

‘Knot Love’ is about learning how to stay deeply connected to a partner while building a hot scene together that cultivates intimacy, trust, and connection. Through solo and paired practices you will discover how to embody greater relaxation, confidence, and awareness while also learning and applying sexy new rope skills. 

All genders, orientations, and relationship statuses/types welcome. We are very LGBTQIA+ and consensual non-monogamous (CNM) friendly. No previous knowledge of rope play is needed!

This will be a loving, substance free space where you can relax and drop in with yourself and others, get your touch needs met, be seen and heard, and experience sensual pleasure. 

This is a second-base container, meaning tops/bras can come off, but underwear must stay on. We suggest dressing sexy, yet comfortable, and wearing layers. Think soft materials instead of jeans or things with hard buttons or clasps.

This is not a play party. Think of it more as Tantric foreplay for open-hearted people interested in safely exploring sacred sensuality and erotic rope play. 

We will do our best to balance the guest list to ensure that masculine and feminine energies are equally represented, however you may occasionally be partnered with the same gender. At all times you will be fully at choice with who you interact with and what exercises you participate in 

You will have the opportunity to practice expressing what feels good and what doesn’t, asking for what you want, setting boundaries, saying no, and hearing a no without taking it personally.

Rope will be available for use and to purchase. Please order your rope ahead of time using the link below.

**Feel free to invite your sex-positive, heart-centered, consent-minded friends to this event.**


-This is a substance-free event. 

-We will be available to hold space for you if you are triggered or have any issues, but please only come if you are in a good emotional place.

-To respect those who are sensitive to smells, please avoid perfume, cologne, or other strong smells

-Everyone MUST be present by 7:30pm for the orientation/consent portion of the evening.

••• Facilitator:

Edward Willey of Knot Love combines a lifetime of training in and teaching meditation, qigong, and martial arts together with an underlying philosophy of unconditional love. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Aikido and is a senior instructor of Sheng Zhen Meditation. He has helped thousands of people relax their bodies, quiet their minds, and embody the true spirit of an open heart.


••• Pricing (EARLY BIRD pricing listed first - good through Dec 1st)

(to avoid fees, email Mia to pay via Venmo (@miablaisdel) or Zelle)

Single: $40/$50

Pair: $65/$80

Triad: $90/$105

Add a rope kit: +$50 (includes two 8m lengths of high-quality, hand-made & hand-conditioned jute bondage rope + safety shears). To purchase rope please visit: https://ohcoaching.samcart.com/products/jute-bondage-rope-kit

Address sent upon registration. If you do not receive the address upon registration, please email Mia: mia@connectedheartevents.com

What past participants have said about ‘Knot Love’:

“Edward’s class was perfect. I totally loved his rope philosophy. I was so scared before going, and lost all fear as soon as I stepped into the room. Thanks for making my new rope path a welcoming and peaceful one!" - Jessica

“Edward was a very relaxing guide throughout the entire workshop, which quickly allowed me to get over the initial social anxiety. The level of emphasis put toward the intimacy and connection between partners was THE selling point for me. I, without a doubt, will be attending his other events in the near future!" - David

“I can’t recommend Edward’s class highly enough. He is such a loving, patient, passionate, grounded, knowledgeable teacher who brings so much heart and soul to his work." -Sarah

"We have been to several kink events and classes but were completely new to rope play. We signed up on a whim because we have been wanting to try ropes and we liked the idea of the connected element but really had no idea what to expect. Edward’s class was wonderful and is the best event we have been to!" -Mike & Mary

“Edward made the class so welcoming and I really appreciate how much we learned technically, but also how he really showed us how ropes can be easily integrated and are another way of emotionally connecting with your partner on a distinct level. Edward has created a unique class that is about so much more than tying knots! " -Erica & Steve