Nanette O'Hara 
Tampa Bay Estuary Program 


Saturday August 11, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM EDT

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Rivercrest Park in South Seminole Heights (Tampa) 
4802 N. River Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33603

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Summer 'Be Floridian' Plant Swap 

Join our inaugural "Be Floridian" Plant Swap and take home some new native or Florida-Friendly plants for your landscape!

Be Floridian logoPlant Swaps are a great way for frugal gardeners to add diversity to their landscape. Plus, they are FUN, and that is what Being Floridian is all about!

In addition to the stars of the show - the plants! -- we'll also have experts on hand who can help you choose the right plants for your yard, along with a variety of take-home resources. 


Tickets will be issued based on the number of plants you bring to the swap, up to a maximum of 20 plants. For example, if you bring five plants, you get to take five plants.

So you're a newbie gardener and don't have any plants to bring? No problem. We encourage all participants to bring at least one extra plant for the budding green thumbs among us, and we'll be stashing some green goodies away for the plant-deprived as well. No one will leave empty-handed!

We will have a brief preview period before the swap begins so everyone can peruse the plants.  Then we'll go through two rounds of structured swapping so everyone gets a fair chance at plants they REALLY REALLY want, before we turn all of you plant-aholics loose to swap at will! 


Potted plants, divisions, cuttings and seeds packaged in envelopes are welcome. Gardening tools, books, yard art, and other gardening items are welcome too. Please label all plants with the following information:

-- Name of plant. Common names are fine. Scientific names are great, but not necessary.

-- Florida native plant or not (if you know this; if not, we'll have folks who do)

-- How big it gets (if you know)

-- What growing conditions it needs: Sun, part sun, part shade, full shade, lots of water versus little water, etc. Where it is growing best in your yard is a good clue to its preferred growing conditions.

** If you can, please pot divisions, cuttings and plants at least a week or two before the swap to give them the best head start for their future new guardians.

Inexpensive plant labels can be made from popsicle sticks, cheap mini-blinds cut in 6-inch lengths, or plain old paper cut into squares and taped onto pots.  Labels don't have to be fancy.

If you have no clue what that thing growing in your yard is, best not to bring it, please. We want to make sure we are passing along only well-behaved plants, not naughty invasives.  If you want a plant mystery solved, please bring a photo and we'll have one of our experts try to ID it.

Not sure if your plant is native or Florida-friendly? Check out these web resources for guidance:


Light refreshments will be served. Please bring a reusable water bottle if you can because we hate to create trash.

flamingo flockLast but by no means least, our traveling flock of plastic pink yard flamingos will be in attendance too, and they just love to have their photo taken, so don't forget your camera. We'll be happy to take a photo of you with our pretty birdies to send to your relatives who are not fortunate enough to live in Florida!

Space is limited to 45 people, first come first served. Sign up early so you don't miss the fun!!