January 27 - 29, 2013

Atlanta, Georgia USA


Donna Schmid
Light Green Machine Institute 


Sunday January 27, 2013 at 1:00 PM EST
Tuesday January 29, 2013 at 1:00 PM EST

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Hilton Garden Inn -- Atlanta Airport North

3437 Bobby Brown Parkway

East Point, Georgia 30344


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4th Annual Light Green Machine Institute Conference

January 2013

Hannu Keynote 

Hannu Melarti delivering keynote at the 2012 Conference

"Motivating Innovation & Utilizing Electronic Networking"


"The Light Green Machine Institute Conferences in 2010 and 2011 were great, but you hit it out of the park this year!!!"---Bill Vallance, Lincoln Pulp and Tissue, LLC, Lincoln, Maine, commenting on the 2012 Conference

Bill Vallance












Jim Thompson (left) and Bill Vallance at the 2012 Conference in Atlanta

Bill has attended every Light Green Machine Institute Conference.


Tentative Agenda

Sunday 27 Jan 13

Reviewing the past year's LGMI Weekly Ideas...

What have we learned?  How can we apply?

Group Discussion

Responsible Decision Making

                "Using all your data sources to make better decisions"

                                Rod Fisher, Fisher International

Reception for those who have attended the afternoon sessions.


Monday 28 Jan 13 


Beyond Boiler MACT--The coming limits on combustion for energy

                "The impact of the recent US elections"

                Jim Thompson, CEO, Talo Analytic International, Inc.

Enzymes and Chemicals

What are the latest "juices" and what can they do for us?

"The benefit of Enzyme Applications in the Pulp & Paper Industry"

Enzymes have been used in the paper industry for many years. Applications include bleaching improvement, boilouts, fiber modification for improving paper properties, deinking, stickies control, drainage, refining energy reduction and pitch control.

This presentation will give a brief overview of enzyme applications in pulp and paper followed b a more detailed discussion of the use of xylanases in the bleaching of kraft pulps.

                                Tom Woodward, EnzKem

                "General Experiences with Enzymes"

                                Brian Murdoch, Technical Sales Director, Enzyme Development Corporation

Energy Efficiency--how far can we push it?

                "Improving Kraft Pulping with digester additives"

                                Brian Brogdon, Executive Director, Light Green Machine Institute

              "High Kappa Linerboard"

                        Anders Hjort, Metso Sweden

                "A run down the machine"

                                Gary Wamsley, JoGar Energy Services

                "In the coating kitchen"

                                Chemical storage, in the coating kitchen and elsewhere, takes up a tremendous amount                                 of space, is difficult to inventory and is generally a pain.  This paper discusses how to                                 efficiently handle these issues with innovative thinking.

     Mark Crable, Crable Engineering

"More Energy Efficiency"

Energy paper machine energy scorecards are an effective tool for benchmarking paper   machine energy performance and identifying opportunities for improvement. Paper machine energy evaluations have identified annual savings opportunities ranging from $100,000 to $10 million on individual machines depending on current operation and energy cost. This presentation will provide an overview of evaluating energy performance and typical opportunities to reduce energy use.     

                        Dick Reese, Dick Reese & Associates

                   "Advances in Plantation Systems and Implications for Biomass Production"

Bio-energy forest plantations will supplement woody biomass from other sources such as logging residues. In the southern US, projections are for an increase of up to 25 million “new” tons of demand for bio-energy. To supply this woody biomass demand will require purpose grown plantations of various species including pine, eucalypts, sweetgum and cottonwood, amongst others. Forest plantation yields can be 8-15 green tons/acre/year on rotations of 5-12 years.

                        Jeff Wright, ArborGen, Inc.

Evening workshop

                The decision: more capital or more operating costs?

                          A hands on spreadsheet exercise

                          Jim Thompson, CEO, Talo Analytic International, Inc.


Tuesday Morning 29 Jan 13 

Breakthroughs in Equipment Design and Maintenance


                        Torbjorn Idhammer, IDCON

            "Innovation Aeration Technologies that multi-task and save energy"

To varying degrees, all integrated pulp and paper mills must treat their waste                water. For those that use mechanically generated oxygen from traditional aeration technologies, there are inherent processing inefficiencies and the cost of the required energy can be quite high. Today there are now available, new                            equipment/impeller design technologies that provide multiple processing                  functionalities while using up to 50% less energy.   

                                Marc Mosley, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions


If you or your organization are interested in speaking, please contact:

Dr. Brian Brogdon, Executive Director  (brian.brogdon@gmail.com)

Past Speakers include:

Hannu Melarti -- Keynote

Walter Lamp, FMW Austria

Dr. Lucian Lucia, North Carolina State University

Mike Ryan, Process Laboratories

Larry Wells, independent controls consultant

Dr. Peter Hart, MWV Corporation

Dr. Brian Brogdon, Future Bridge Consulting and Training, LLC

Jon Kerr, Miami Univeristy and Andritz

Douglas Mancosky, Hyro Dynamics, Inc.

Anders Hjort, Metso Sweden

Marc Mosley, Philadelphia Mixiing Solutions

Dick Reese, Dick Reese & Associates

Dr. Jeff Hsieh, Georgia Tech

Frank Cunnane, Cristini, North America

Helmut Tausel, Voith

David Bennett, Corrosion Probe, Inc.

Ed Turner, G & E Solutions


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