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Ride your bike in May!

  • Registration opens April 1, 2015.
  • Record the "Practical Cycling" miles you ride in May (we'll mail you a Mileage Log, and a link to a site where you can record your totals).
  • Return your Mileage Log or submit your report online by June 6 to be entered to win prizes!

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          Registering Kids Online 

Parents may register their chidren under their own registration. This feature is intended for young kids without their own email address. See the registration form and click the "Add" button to add one or more kids.


Earth Day Market Ride: Sat. April 18

Natl. Bike To Work Day: Fri. May 15 Prize Hoopla: Sat. June 27

See www.bccblog.com for details, and for timely updates...

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DISCOUNT COUPON FOR   Capital Bicycling Club:

Receive a Coupon Code for Membership in the Capital Bicycling Club for only $5 when you register for the Bicycle Commuter Contest. Look for your Coupon Code in your confirmation email.

Contest Rules

  • You must live or work in Thurston County to participate.
  • Record the miles you ride your bike for transportation: to work, school, or on errands or social calls.  Recreational &  training miles do not count.
  • The Thurston County Bicycle Commuter Contest is a community-building event. Everything about the contest functions on the honor system. Thanks for your participation!


  • Coupons: Every participant receives a valuable  coupon packet and is entered in numerous prize drawings in June
  • Participants who ride ten days or more in May receive extra coupons
  • Membership in Capital Bicycling Club for only $5!
  • Random Prize Drawings among age, mileage and days-ridden categories
  • Individual achievement recognition for most days or miles ridden by age category.
  • Team prizes will be awarded for the most days  ridden per team member and for other              achievements.
  • Drawings for Free Bicycles!
  • Random Prize Drawings for Award Ceremony attendees
  • For details, visit bccblog.com



Bicycle Commuter Contest 2015

Intercity Transit’s Bicycle Commuter Contest (BCC) is now free, and is a fun, engaging community event that encourages Thurston County residents of all ages and abilities to try bicycling as a means of transportation and gives rewards and recognition to those who do. Anyone who lives or works in Thurston County can participate. You don't have to be employed or a student- just use your bicycle as a means of practical transportation, with at least part of your trip inside Thurston County.


A few notes on Teams:

  • If you work at a large employer or State Agency, you may contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator to see if there is a BCC team forming at your workplace. If so, they might prefer you to register through them. You may also register here, just enter your team name (or employer or agency name) in the Team Name box and you'll be added to the team. 
  •  To form your own team, simply choose a team name and a team contact person ("Team Captain") and enter them in the spaces provided on the registration page. By definition, a team must have more than one member.  Get as many members as you can- the bigger your team, the more fun you'll have!
  • There is no requirement to be part of a team. You are welcome to participate as an individual, with no team affiliation, no matter where you work or go to school. Being on a team is more fun and motivating for many people, but if you want to go it alone, who are we to say no! :-)

Once you have registered, look for your Mileage Log, Reflective Sticker and Bike Shop Coupons to arrive in the mail. Allow up to a week for delivery.

For complete information about the Bicycle Commuter Contest, please visit www.bccblog.com or our Facebook Page and join our Mailing List.