Sunday, February 7, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST
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This event is on-line using the Zoom platform. Attendees will need access to Zoom and adequate internet connection.


Elaine Huffman 
TangleU Productions 






Mindy Shapiro, CZT


Mindy Shapiro is a papercut artist, CZT (14) and book maker whose groundbreaking creativity, intricate designs and use of color distinguish her as an artist. She has been papercutting for 25 years speicalizing in Jewish papercutting. On a whim, Mindy answered a contest question from her local independent bookstore in 2012 and won a book called Yoga For the Brain, which she thought was about yoga until she picked up the book and discovered it was about an art form called ZentangleŽ  In a moment of kismet, she knew she was supposed to be doing this art form, sought out a teacher and and in 2014 became a CZT. Mindy teaches papercutting and ZentangleŽ classes through a number of art schools in Philadelphia and has independent classes as well. Currently all classes are on Zoom so her students join from across the U.S. Mindy is currently President of the Guild of American Papercutters. Check out her work: www.mindyshapiro.com



Papercut Zentangle® Valentine 

Let  Mindy teach you how to make a beautiful Papercut ZentangleŽ Valentine. Great to give to your sweetheart or be your own valentine!


Papercutting is an ancient art form dating back to the creation of paper during the 5st century in China. Since that time, artisans have used paper, scissors and knives to create objects both ornamental and functional. Perhaps you made a snow flake in grade school or have seen silhouettes. These are forms of papercutting. In this workshop, we will combine papercutting with the ZentangleŽ method. First we will design a heart using heart inspired tangles and then cut out these tangles to create a papercut Zentangle Valentine suitable for keeps or to give to a loved one. If there is time, we will then tangle inside the papercut tangles. During class Mindy will also explore negative and positive theory, what tangles translate best to papercutting, and different papercutting tradition around the world. 

In This Workshop Participants Will:

  • Design a heart using heart inspired tangles.
  • Learn how to cut these tangles to create your beautiful Valentine
  • Enhance your papercut Valentine with inked tangles!


Particpants should be familiar with the ZentangleŽ Method. TangleU.com offers a ZentangleŽ basics class.




  • Red, white, purple and black paper. Feel free to trade out the purple for another color, you just want a contrast. Copy paper is fine,  no cardstock or construction paper as it needs to be think enough to cut with a hobby knife
  • A few sheets of scrap paper
  • Red and black 01 microns
  • Gold thin marker
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Tortillion
  • Glue stick
  • Hobby knife with #11 blade
  • Scissors
  • Self healing cutting mat