Saturday March 20, 2 - 5 Eastern Tim

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This event is on-line using the Zoom platform. Attendees will need access to Zoom and adequate internet connection.


Elaine Huffman 
TangleU Productions 






Leighanna Light 


I am a passionate art instructor, thingmaker, bookmaker, figurative assemblage artist and recovering perfectionist! My background is in fine arts and photography and I’ve been teaching art workshops for the past 20 years at art retreats in the US. I develop my classes by playing, making a mess, making “mistakes” and I can’t think of any better way to live and make a living. I love to create, to hunt for things to create with & to share my creativity with others.  It’s what I live for, it’s my oxygen.

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York and I have spent most of the past 20 years in New Mexico. I am so lucky to live in Taos, the mountains of Northern New Mexico, with my best friends Thomas, Peetie, Ruby, Lily and Hairy.




Faux Etching, Small figurative assemblage 

TangleU Productions is excited to bring Leighanna Light to the online studio once again!  In this lecture demo you'll learn fabulous techniques for assembage art.


I will begin this workshop by teaching you a fast, fun & easy technique for creating “etched” metal surfaces without using toxic chemicals, and I will show several options for adding color or rust. I will be demonstrating this on a small tin, then using the tin as a body for a small figurative sculpture. 
While the metal is drying I will show how I make my faces out of clay and I will teach you how to make a mold out of just about anything.
From there I will demonstrate a variety of techniques to assemble the figure without using glue. I will cover basic cold connection methods as well as composition & design.
These techniques will be useful in many other projects and are suitable for learners with all levels of experience.
I hope you can join us!

*** Assemblage workshops require a great deal of one on one interaction, problem solving and collaboration, making it difficult to offer a hands on assemblage class on zoom, so this will be a hands off workshop! 
I will be demonstrating this process from beginning to end, but you will not be working along with me. Instead I am hoping that you will participate by asking a lot of questions and sharing your ideas as I go. You will receive a detailed supply list in case you would like to try this on your own after class.