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Presenter: Elenor Denker


Coastal Tower 
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Driving Directions 

Use SMART Goal Setting to Drive Team Performance  

Everyone hates performance appraisals - managers and employees.  Tension builds as employees steel themselves for the bad news.  Managers rarely have time to do a thoughtful, constructive review.  Often it worsens the relationship between the manager and the employee ... but without a record of performance, companies have trouble making decisions about raises and bonuses as well as about putting an employee on probation or legally ending their employment. 

There are other approaches. 

One is to develop a culture of joint development of goals for the department, consistent with the goals of the company for the time period, and based on that, jointly developing workplans for each employee for the quarter.  This fosters trust with employees who participate in the creation of their own work and develops team spirit as everyone becomes aware of the company goals and how they fit in.  

The goals should be SMART goals:  

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

At the end of each quarter, the manager meets with each member of the team individually to jointly review progress in the prior quarter and craft a group of SMART goals for the next quarter.  After the meeting, the manager creates a summary of the progress in the prior quarter and a list of the expectations for the new quarter.  These summaries become the basis for the salary increases, bonuses, probation or termination of employment.   

This workshop will focus on how to develop SMART goals and how to implement this new approach to performance appraisals.

Presenter: Elenor Denker  has a wide variety of professional experience including with the New York City public schools, as Executive Director of a non-profit organization, teaching at Queens College and Columbia University, holding senior government positions at the borough and state levels, and then as a Vice-President of Human Resources and Customer Service at the Harman Consumer Group, a publicly owned company. She also has consulting practice in Human Resources and is a SCORE Volunteer.

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