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Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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Leo Chan 
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Acquisition of Taste - China Gourmet & Art Mission 

A true passion for fine food brings us together in the China Gourmet Mission. We set out to meet some of the best chefs in the world and try out different cuisines prepared with private recipes and acquire a large variety of taste while enjoying carefully curated private art collection and cultural exchange activities as we tour the beautiful country of China.

Guangzhou (Canton) City, the provincial capital of Guangdong and the center of Cantonese culture, has long been a trading hub and many imported foods and ingredients are used in Cantonese cuisine. Besides pork, beef and chicken, Cantonese cuisine incorporates almost all edible meats, including offal, chicken feet, duck's tongue, frog legs, snakes and snails. However, lamb and goat are less commonly used than in the cuisines of northern or western China. Many cooking methods are used, with steamingand stir frying being the most favoured due to their convenience and rapidity. Other techniques include shallow frying, double steaming, braising and deep frying.

For many traditional Cantonese cooks, the flavours of a dish should be well balanced and not greasy. Apart from that, spices should be used in modest amounts to avoid overwhelming the flavours of the primary ingredients, and these ingredients in turn should be at the peak of their freshness and quality. There is no widespread use of fresh herbs in Cantonese cooking, in contrast with their liberal use in other cuisines such as Sichuanese, Vietnamese, Lao, Thai and European. Garlic chives and coriander leaves are notable exceptions, although the former are often used as a vegetable and the latter are usually used as mere garnish in most dishes.

Our journey will start from the city of Guangzhou and venture out to different places of China where you will be greeted with best in class chefs and most exotic yet delicious cuisines.