Mega Marketing and Technology Conference

Featuring Speed Counseling by SCORE


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Thursday, June 19, 2014
8:00am - 1:00pm

Sessions are chosen on a first come, first served basis the day of the event. Registration and Speed Counseling begins at 8:00am. Speed Counseling will be offered continuously from  8:00am - 1:15pm.

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Microsoft Headquarters New York
11 Times Square (42nd and 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10036

6th Floor Registration

Join us for our Mega Marketing and Technology Conference helping YOU build your marketing toolkit! We will give you all the building essentials needed to help you create a successful marketing structure for your business or nonprofit. Four sessions with four different high demand topics to choose from! Don’t miss out! Register today!


During our Mega Marketing and Technology Event we will offer free “Speed Counseling” with SCORE Business mentors/coaches. Counseling will be 15 minutes in length and will occur from 8am - 1pm. Register here

Sponsorship opportunities still available!

Build Your Marketing Toolkit
Presented by Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Area Director, Northeastern United States, Constant Contact

Many small businesses and organizations find themselves seeking the right strategies to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But with so many different marketing activities that they could focus on, they often miss some of the important marketing concepts that will help them understand why those activities are so important. This presentation is designed to uncover some of those core concepts and show that a little bit of marketing knowledge can go a long way.

Campaigns That Drive Action – Newsletters & Announcements

Presented by Kendra Webb-Scott, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

At the heart of small business marketing are the campaigns that drive action – collections of marketing activities that help a small business or organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Newsletters and Announcements have become a core component of those campaign choices. Email is more important than ever – to the communication efforts of businesses and nonprofits everywhere; and to the customer, donor, client or supporter of those organizations. 

Social Media 101         
Presented by Shayne Spencer, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

Have you been thinking about marketing your business with social media, but you feel overwhelmed and not sure how to get started? Or maybe you’re not convinced that it works? This webinar will show you the value of using social media to reach your customers, how it can lead to new customers and how it drives repeat business from your current customers. We’ll take a look at the 5 most popular social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest – and help you decide what is right for your business. We’ll also look at what comes next: how and what to post on social media.

Crowdfunding with Ease: How to use crowdfunding–the hottest marketing trend– to fund your next project with absolutely no risk and have a blast doing it!

Crowdfunding expert Patty Lennon crowdfunded her Mom Gets A Business Conference in 14 days (during Hurricane Sandy) and became a featured campaign on Indiegogo.She joins us to share with you the secrets to her success and how anyone, anywhere that has access to a computer and a good idea can successfully crowdfund anything!Get out your causes & campaigns and take notes!

7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success
Presented by John Tully, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

John is going to talk about his personal experience with marketing his small business and highlight the 7 strategies that worked for him and his clients. We’ll concentrate on Low cost / no cost marketing strategies for small business, which include: Branding, Inbound Marketing including Blogging, E-mail Marketing and Being the Expert.

Exclusive VIP  “Live Tour”  of Constant Contact’s new Toolkit!
Presented by Nicole McGarrell, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

Take a virtual tour of Constant Contact new Toolkit. This live demo will help you understand the full possibilities that email, social, event, survey and deal campaigns can create for your business!

Whether you’re a Constant Contact customer or not, this session will help you take your digital marketing efforts to the next level!  Learn how to create a powerful email campaign template, load your contact lists, understand your reporting analytics and more! The new Constant Contact Toolkit created to drive more revenue and results for you!

Powerful Personal Branding: Your Roadmap to Success
Presented by Sandy Feder, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

Personal Branding is the best method for marketing yourself to others.  In the business world, it’s always been true that people buy your personality and ideas before they buy your products and services.  Now, in the Social Media era, there’s no hiding anymore: transparency and authenticity are the only means to survive and thrive in the digital kingdom.  Learn how to position yourself, your message, and your value with clarity and impact, both online and offline.

Top Tips to Impress your customers and increase sales
Presented by Melanie Gass 

Believe it or not, technology can play a role in impressing your customers. We’ll give you top tips from mail to having your customer view a quote online. Learn how to impress your customer and see it translate to sales!

E-mail Branding. Making the most of an E-mail address
Presented by Melanie Gass

Do you think is a brand? What do people think when they see your e-mail address? Get top tips for making the most of your e-mail brand.

Understanding the DNA of Your Brand
Presented by Burt Wallerstein, Mentor, SCORE NYC

Why your Brand is the most important asset of your business and how to market  your brand, products and/or services effectively.

Business Interruption Planning for Growth
Presented By J. Sandy Eames 

Learn best practices about managing risk that will help increase revenues and reduce risks. 

A Practical Strategy for Connecting with Customers
Presented by Jim Alles, Chairman, SCORE NYC

Gain critical insights into the right combination of website content, social media platforms and email communications that work with your customers.  SEO and Website Diagnostics will be covered.

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Tweets: Engaging your customers with Instagram and Pinterest
Presented by Michael Pilla

Engaging your customers with Instagram and Pinterest
Social Media has under gone a visual revolution— with photos, graphics and video driving up traffic and engagements everyday. Come and learn about the platforms that started and continue to lead the trend. Pinterest, a digital pin board was the first widely used "picture sharing" site, now has over 70 miilion members with 30 billion pins. Instagram, the photo sharing app that allows users to share photos and video of "moments"  in real time, has 150 million users. More than just a source of "pretty pictures" both are becoming extremely useful tools for attracting and keeping new customers

27 Ideas for Blogging & Social Media Posts
Presented by Vikram Rajan, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

Now you'll never run out of ideas for your content calendar. With our Brainstorming worksheet, you'll come up with topics that brand your expertise, demo your product/service, involve customer stories & applaud staff/partners. Each idea can prompt multiple blog articles & social media posts.

Tips to enhance your brand and collaboration
Presented by Manuel Cruz

Learn how you can share, showcase and communicate your brand message to your customers and prospects in various markets – without breaking the bank. 

Taking your business to the cloud
Presented by Manuel Cruz

Learn how you can make information easily accessible and available, and help boost your brand image.