Faith Formation Grades 1-8 Registration 2020-2021 

Dear Families,

We are happy to provide the link to the online registration form for Grades 1 – 8 Faith Formation 2020 -2021!  The link is located at the bottom of the page.

Registration will close at midnight on Monday, September 13 th.  Please note we are purchasing materials based on registered children only, so please don't delay in registering!

Material pickup and start of the program will begin by mid – October, dates to be announced. 

Due to the current circumstances of the pandemic, Faith Formation will use a combination of methods this year to support you and your family, which is “The Domestic Church”. 

Depending on grade level, offerings will include utilizing at home online learning platforms, group gatherings (when permitted and safe to do so) and zoom small group meetings (grades 7 -8 only).

Grades 1st – 6th : Will be remote with optional family gatherings

Each registered 1st - 6th  grade child will receive:

  • An access code to a child friendly at home-online learning platform provided by St. Mary’s Press
  • Their own Bible to use throughout the program
  • 28 Activity Pamphlets to supplement the online platform

Each registered 1st – 6th grade family will receive:

  • Assigned Family Ambassador to help with communication and support
  • Family activities, prayer experiences, and liturgical events in person if permitted
  • Supplies to create and support a home prayer space

Grade 2 Preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion will continue to take place this year:

  • Sacramental materials will be provided for parents and children to read, discuss, and practice at home
  • Gather in small groups if permitted and safe to do so
  • Reception of Sacraments will take place if permitted and safe to do so

Grades 7th – 8th EDGE Program will have the option to:

  • Receive at home formation activities
  • Participate in a zoom small group

Each registered 7th - 8th grade child will receive:

  • Their own Bible to use throughout the program
  • Formation booklet
  • In person, if permitted EDGE nights

Although we are not planning to meet in person regularly this year, we are still in need of volunteers;

Grades 1st – 6th:

Volunteers are needed to assume the role of a Faith Formation Family Ambassador who will:

  • Support a small group of assigned families (which may include multiple grade levels)
  • Monitor lesson progress on each child in the family group (faith formation will provide the volunteer with the information)
  • Make a monthly phone call and/or email to each family in their group

Grades 7th – 8th:

Volunteers would consist of one or more of the following:

  • Support a small group of assigned families
  • Lead a zoom small group (weekly for 6 weeks)
  • Support a small group leader (while on the zoom call)
  • Help at in person EDGE nights

We hope our approach to Faith Formation this year will provide you the support and assistance you need to continue sharing your Catholic Faith with your children.  We look forward to working together with you, please contact us with any questions or comments!

Registration fees are $80 per child, family max of $200 (Grades 1 – 8 only)

The Encounter/Confirmation Program is a separate registration form and fee.  Please see the St. Agatha Parish website to access the registration form.

We are unable to offer a Faith Formation Family Ambassador/Catechist discount this year, thank you for your understanding.

Please note: All children are welcome into the program regardless of the family’s ability to pay the registration fee.  Please contact the faith formation office prior to filling out the registration form to inquire about financial assistance.