Texas Online Course for UST A/B Operators
NOTE:  TASTP is the trade association for tank contractors in Texas.  There should be none better qualified to instruct USTs than those who sell, install and service underground storage tanks.



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Bill Greer 

 Texas UST A/B Operators Online Course

Special Introductory Offer 

This Online Course is for UST Owners/Operators and has been approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). It is sponsored by the Texas Association of Storage Tank Professionals (TASTP), and it was produced by the Petroleum Storage Tank Training Professionals (PSTTP) under the direction of Bill Greer, past Exec Dir of TASTP.  Bill is the instructor of this course and has been in the petroleum equipment industry since 1972.  He has certified thousands of operators in Georgia.  He is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta and frequently instructs on the subject of Environmental Management  -  Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks, at Georgia Tech.

Course Specials:

Normal Price:    $150.00 per student

Special Introductory Price: $125.00 per student

Special Fee for Customers of TASTP Members: $100.00 per student

OR:  Take an In-Class Course at your facility, or we will find a facility near you.  Class and exam will take approximately four to five hours.  Price is negotiable based on number of students, travel arrangements,  time of year, etc.  Call 770-426-1133 for more info.     Normally only  available for classes larger than 15 students.