Saturday, February 5, 2022 from 8:45 AM to 6:00 PM GMT
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Black Dragon Miniatures 
Black Dragon Miniatures
4-6 Coventry Road
Hinckley LE10 0JT
United Kingdom


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Age of Sigmar  - Tournament 
             Realm of the Black Dragon Part 1


Points = 2000

Cost per Playing = 17.00 


  1. All models must represent what you present on your army list... What you see is what you get
  2. Games will only last 5 Turns max
  3. Make an effort, points will be awarded for bringing a fully painted (3 colour minimum) and based.


1 Day event - the store will open at 8.45 and registration closes at 9.15 prompt.

3 Games will be played using a Swiss Scoring System 

Army Selection

Please refer to the most recent Generals Handbook (we will be using the latest FAQ's and erratas)

Army Submission

All army lists need to be submitted to enquiries@blackdragonminiatures.com on or before the Wednesday prior to the event.

What do Players need to Bring?

A Fully Painted Army We think games of AoS look best when all models are fully painted and modeled to represent what they should be on the battlefield, this will score you additional tournament points however your army does NOT need to be all painted to take part.

Due to the fact there is a significant advantage to using incorrect base sizes, models must be based on appropriate round/oval bases.

If your models are on square bases then this is OK as long as you have round bases or templates to blu tac/attach to your models to for the game. You will not lose paint marks for doing this, however you will not be able to win any painting awards (you can pick up cheap MDF bases from Sarissa Precision or another retailer if you need some).

All unit options and command models must be shown on the models, for example if the models in a liberator unit have Sigmarite Hammers and a Grand Hammer you cannot use the rules for Sigmarite Swords and a Grand Blade.

As a general rule, if Games Workshop pack the model on that base, it should be minimum on that size.

Gaming aids

Players should bring the following

  • A set of 6 objective markers (50/60mm diameter max)
  • Dice and Tape Measure (combat gauges are encouraged!) 
  • Wound markers and buff counters (optional but highly recommended!)
  • A set of “the Rules” or access to a PDF/the Warhammer app on a tablet/phone.
  • A copy of all warscroll’s being used or access to the Warhammer app (these are all free from GW so no excuse! – we recommend printing them for quick reference during a game)
  • A printed army list for your opponent in each game 

Game Scenarios

Will be confirmed on the day


5 Points for the win

3 Points for a draw

1 Point for a defeat

Bonus Points as below


We will be using a Win/Loss/Draw method to determine the winner. 

Table Etiquette

Please treat the scenery with respect... We have spent a great deal of time collecting the scenery we make available and  do not want to have to spend hours repairing scenery that has been abused.

Please store your cases and associated bits and bobs under the gaming tables rather than on neighbouring tables or shelves or anywhere else where they can be a nuisance to other customers.

Please do not leave drinks or food items on tables and dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided.

Most importantly have fun, and treat your opponent with respect.

We reserve the right to remove you from the premises if any of the above is contravened.