Saturday, February 4, 2023 from 8:45 AM to 6:00 PM GMT
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Burrows and Badgers Campaign Day 2023 Part 1 

Black Dragon Miniatures Youtube Channel Present

The Kingdom of Northymbra, the scene of the action, with ruined buildings, haunted forests, and misty marshes where the skirmishes and battles happen. The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent, while keeping your characters alive and developing their skills and abilities.

The ticket price includes prizes and a light lunch, there is a small booking fee applied on top.

The Red Wall Abbey Burrows and Badgers tournament pack

"Redwall Abbey, a red sandstone abbey built after the events of Mossflower. It is home to many of the good animals of Mossflower Woods. Also important is the mountain fortress called Salamandastron, home to the Badger Lords and the famed hares of the Long Patrol, the mountain's army. There are many other places, such as the fortress Riftgard, Loamhedge, and Green Isle. Also, a main waterway is the River Moss.  Here is where you and your warband find themselves and the challenge of making your way in this tough world.”

The tournament will consist of four individual games of Burrows and Badgers linked in a mini campaign tournament format, including the post game elements sequence.

The gaming victor will be the warband with the most fearsome reputation at the end of the day (calculated using a combination of overall victory points and warband rating)!

There will also be other prizes available for painting,

The first game will start at 9.45am and we expect to be finished by 17:45, with a 45 minute break for lunch (not provided unless pre purchased with your ticket).

Over lunch players will be invited to leave their warbands to be viewed and scored by other players for the Artists of Redwall prize.

All players will need the following

  • A warband consisting of miniatures appropriate for Burrows and Badgers that are painted to a 3 colour minimum
  • Any gaming tools required (dice, tape measure etc)
  • A copy of the Burrows and Badgers rule book
  • A physical roster sheet that can be updated and added to through the day (eg no digital sheets) – this is to keep tracking the scoring simple Warbands
  • Warbands must be legal per the basic rulebook (BRB) and up to a maximum starting value of 350 pennies. Single race bonuses apply as per the BRB and additional stats and skills for leader and second are applied again, as per the BRB. You are free to choose any allegiance for your warband but Freebeast warbands must roll for their additional free gear in the presence of their first opponent on the day. Any bonuses from starting den upgrades, such as the Freebeast’s alchemy lab, are first received after the first match. Determining opponents and scenarios .
  • Opponents and game boards will be determined on the day by random draw. There will be a number of different size and shape boards, ranging from 2’x2’ to 4’x4’. Scenery will be pre-placed by tournament organisers but players should decide on a starting table edge as per the scenario rules. Scenarios will be pre-determined by tournament organisers but will be different for each round and will all come from the BRB, Oathsworn journals or use the scenario generator attached. Secondary objectives will be randomly determined as per the BRB.
  • Games will be played as per the BRB. Players are encouraged to resolve rules disputes through reference to the rulebook and online FAQs, found on the Burrows and Badgers Facebook page, but tournament organisers are available to settle disputes that cannot be resolved and their decision will be final. Please remember that this is a friendly tournament and whilst winning is nice, it’s not worth falling out over!
  • Games will be up to 90 minutes long, with 15 minutes between games 1 and 2 and games 3 and 4 to complete any final post game elements and move to your next table, as well as 45 minutes for lunch between games 2 and 3. If a game has not finished within the time limit players will work out the winner and loser based on the position of the game at the time limit. Core rulebook rule replacements
  • As this is a fun tournament, we thought we’d play with some of the new elements from the Oathsworn Journals. As such the Fate rules found in the core book will NOT BE USED, but instead we will be using the “Fiddling with Fate” rules found in the Oathsworn Journal 3 – Fiddling with fate (page 11) Oathsworn journal rules permitted

  For this tournament players will be permitted to use some specific sections of the rules released through the Oathsworn Journals. Specifically these are

v  Oathsworn Journal 2 – Witch hunter warbands (pages 3-4)

v  Oathsworn Journal 2 – Divine might spells, New skills and New Equipment (pages 9-11)

v  Oathsworn Journal 3 – Wilding warbands, channelling, wilding skills and equipment (pages 3-6)

v  Oathsworn Journal 4 – Necromantic warband rules and spells version 4 (pages 20-22)

v  Oathsworn Journal 5 – Flawed Heroes (Page 7-8)

v  Oathsworn Journal 5 – Street gang and City Watch warbands (Pages 1-11)

v  Oathsworn Journal 5 – Arcane conclave warband rules, Cunning skills, Fate Weaver, Illusionist and Elementalist spells (Pages 18-21)


Post Battle Sequence

  Players will complete the post battle sequence in the presence of their opponent before moving on to their next game

  • All changes resulting from the post battle sequence must be noted down on the players warband roster Game scoring & overall Top General placing (calculating reputation)

  2 types of Victory Point game scoring will be in effect for the 2 types games we will use on the day

1. For standard scenario based games, scoring will be 1VP for a loss, 2VP for a draw and 4VP for a win, as well as any additional victory points as indicated in the mission instructions on the day

2. For Mission based open battle games (using Oathsworn journal 3 scenario generator and missions list attached), any VP’s achieved during the mission will count as a players score

  • Overall tournament “top general” scoring will be based on number of victory points gained across the 4 games combined with a weighted contribution of your warband rating Painting competition Players will be invited to display their war bands over lunch for other players to vote for the best painted prize category. Players may display their war bands in any fashion they choose (within reason!). If players wish to use a display board we ask these are a max of 1ftx1ft.
  • Winning the Event – 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded based on war bands Total Reputation after 4 games, and a best