Channeling Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

Thursday June 4, 6:30 - 9 pm

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Sandalwood & Sage
322 E Main St.
Norman, Oklahoma  73069


Mercedes Kirkel
Into the Heart Creations

Live Channeling of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua

By Mercedes Kirkel

Experience Mary Magdalene and Yeshua channeled live by Mercedes. Ask your questions and hear their responses. Receive a CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS + MAGDALENE-LOVE blessing from Mary and Yeshua.


"Mercedes Kirkel is one of the clearest channels of Mary Magdalene known to humankind.  Her material seems to access the same aspect of Magdalene as found in the original Gospel of Mary Magdalene—one of the ‘lost’ books of the Bible.” — Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Director, Unity of Sedona

"Mercedes is the real deal—I felt the unconditional love of Mary Magdalene and Jesus filling the room. Mercedes’s transmission to each person was very powerful and there were many tears.” — PC, Sedona, AZ

“The message from Mary Magdalene resolved key questions I’ve had all my life. The energy was palpable and the message entirely accurate. I’m still reeling from the internal shifts and realignments!” — Trinity Thomas, Austin, TX

Thursday, June 4, 6:30-9 pm
Norman, Oklahoma