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Dominika Nolan 
Center for Child Counseling, Inc. 

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2022 - Tips on How to Pass the Florida Marital & Family Board Certification Exam 

Hear from all 10 attorneys who passed the 2021 Marital & Family Board Certification Test!

90 minutes of new content!

Plus last years program which includes multiple past chairs of the Marital & Family Law Board Certification Committee, past chairs of BSLE, Florida Family Law living legends and all 4 attorneys who passed the 2020 exam, and their suggestions on how to pass the Marital and Family Board Certification Examination.

Brought to you by the Center for Child Counseling, Inc. 

This course is developed and conducted without any endorsement by the BLSE or certification committees. This course is intended to provide a comprehensive review of the subject matter, and it may help candidates prepare for a certification examination. Those who have developed the program have no information regarding the examination content other than the information contained in the examination specifications that are also provided to each examinee. Candidates for certification who take this course should not assume that the course material will cover all topics on the examination or that the examination will cover all topics in the course material.

No CLE provided.

Program materials includes case summaries for ALL appellate Florida family opinions in 2020 and 2021.

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