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Center for Child Counseling

Ways to Talk to Children

Click Here to learn ways to talk to children about tough topics like suicide, sexual abuse, divorce, and more. 

A Way of Being with Children: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Building Resilience

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Identifying & Addressing Suicide: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers 

Suicide is an emotional, overwhelming, and most times scary topic to discuss with anyone, let alone a child.

You, as a parent or caregiver, may be worried about what to do, what to say and whether your efforts are improving the situation or not. It may also seem overwhelming as to how to address the situation, helpful responses and where to look for support and resources. Suicidal ideation or suicide attempts are serious and should never be taken lightly – especially considering there may be a life at risk. 

Join us for this important training as we review information that can assist you in early detection, prevention and intervention as well as ways to be involved and buffer the risk factors against suicide.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Know and understand the risk factors and warning signs of suicidal ideation and/or a suicide crisis
  • Learn easy to implement action steps and techniques to respond to a child expressing suicidal ideation 
  • Review a script for responding to a child experiencing a suicidal crisis
  • Learn how to utilize a suicide safety plan (downloadable/printable plan sheet)
  • Receive information regarding local and nationwide crisis resources and support

This 45-minute workshop is FREE. Visit for more free workshops for parents and caregivers.