Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT
Friday, May 27, 2022 at 4:00 PM EDT

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Kristin Smedley 
Thriving Blind Academy 

Thriving Blind Academy Community Supporter 

Wow! It’s about time a parent lays out the fundamentals to a successful life for their blind children.”   -Erik Weihenmayer, Totally Blind Adventurer, Author, Film Maker, and Speaker


Individual Support of Thriving Blind Academy

THANK YOU for your interest in funding scholarships for families and individuals to join the Thriving Blind Academy, a membership program that connects people to mentors, resources, and most importantly, each other to receive continual support in thriving with a blindness diagnosis. 

Why is the Thriving Blind Movement Crucial?

What Is Thriving Blind Academy?

The Thriving Blind Movement began with the success of the book, Thriving Blind: Stories of Real People Succeeding Without Sight.  Kristin Smedley wrote and published it in 2019 to be the resource for others that she did not have when a doctor told her “Your son is blind.” It debuted as a #1 New Release on Amazon and quickly moved to the top of the Best Seller list.

The book’s popularity grew the Facebook community by leaps and bounds. However, it became clear  that one book of thirteen stories was not enough to  change perceptions of blindness from pity to positivity and equip families impacted by blindness to thrive. 

Now, with an annual global summit, worldwide membership, and collaborations with industry, organizations, and education systems, Thriving Blind is no longer a hope concept.  It is a community with a goal and a blueprint for all that are impacted by blindness to thrive!

THANK YOU for joining our mission to empower families and individuals to succeed without sight and crush those horrific statistics above!  Click REGISTER NOW below to choose the level of support that works for you!

"Kristin takes something that is scary for some--perhaps many, and creates a safe space where people can come and talk and learn and share, and where the energy stays positive and practical.-Ron Brooks, TBA Mentor, Succeed Without Sight Summit Speaker

"What you and your boys have given me is HOPE. I now feel empowered to start educating this school system and the community that blindness is not a death sentence, a game ender or a sad, depressing existence. What you are doing is SO important."– Thriving Blind Academy Mastermind Member