Soul Lightening Acupressure Workshop

Opening To Your Soul Purpose
June 30 - July 3, 2022  |  Wilmington, North Carolina
Lynn Johnson, Instructor


Thursday - Sunday
June 30- July 3, 2022 | 9am-5pm (est)


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Event Location

Wilmington, North Carolina

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Event Contact

Lynn Johnson

Phone: 240-501-6094


Opening To Your Soul Purpose

In this four day workshop, participants will explore their soul purpose: what gets in the way of actualizing it, what life learnings and insights help to uncover it, and what is their own unique soul purpose at this point in time.  This exploration will involve experiential creative processes and soul guided process acupressure sessions each day.  Astrological readings from Lyn Birbeck’s interpretation of the Sacred Mayan calendar and Jan Spiller’s book Astrology for the Soul provide a jumping off point for introspection into oneself.  Materials by date of birth are prepared specifically for each participant.  This workshop encourages a willingness to synthesize experiential and intuitive knowing with practical life applications and behavior, and to share this synthesis with others.  Required is the ability to work confidently with points and Soul Lightening formulas, and to access soul wisdom in acupressure sessions. 

Instructor:  Lynn Johnson  Pre-requisite:  PA Certification Candidate or approval of the instructor.  This class counts as an Elective in the PA Certification program.  This class gives 24 CEUs to Massage Therapists.

Please contact Lynn Johnson ( when you register and give your date of birth so she may prepare class materials for you.

Full Tuition $645 (Discounted from $695 due to COVID-19)
Payable by check or Paypal on the registration page

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Required Reading: 
Your North Node Chapter in Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.  (Your North Node can be determined from a chart in the book.)

Workshop Learning Objectives:

1.  Refine your definition of soul purpose and its meaning in your life.

2.  Explore practical applications of your soul purpose.

3.  Uncover negative behavioral patterns that impede your soul purpose, and ways to transform them.

4.  Understand more fully major talents and strengths and how they support you in your soul purpose and life journey.

5.  Become more aware of how to open to your full soul potential.


Participant Comments:

Rondelle Fischmann – “This is such a profound and personal experience…This class was life transforming!   It has helped me to take charge in my life, and change course, into the direction of true happiness". 

Deanna Waggy – “This was a fun way to explore the information on discovering my soul purpose…I was able to refine my soul purpose and feel a new sense of direction.” 

Sally Fenoglio – “This class was life-changing!” 

Kelly Davis – “Everyone should take this class to get more clarity about their soul purpose!  Lynn’s presentation helps each individual find, clarify, and support their own soul’s destiny through incredible meditations, fun activities, daily Process Acupressure sessions, and group sharings.”


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