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Dave Perry 2016 Match Racing Test Rules

Onshore Clinic

The Match Racing Test Rules for 2016 explained by match racing champion and rules expert Dave Perry

Where is rule 17 and what have they done to rule 18?

The World Sailing Rules Committee tested new match racing rules around the world in 2015. Based on the feedback from those experiments they have modified the test rules slightly and have voted to adopt those rules into Appendix C for the 2017-2020 rule book. Most match racing in 2016 will be using these test rules, including here in the U.S. These modifications will result in some significant changes in how the game is played.

Whether you plan to do one match race regatta or join us for our Tuesday drills or most of of our match racing events you will want to learn what the new rules are. Bring your regular and occasional crew so the entire boat will be up to speed on situations and they can help you stay away from fouls and penalties. A strong understanding of the rules leads to better tactical decisions and results as well.


It will be helpful if we all read the new rules before the seminar. Then Dave will go over the wording of the rules and the not as obvious implications. Get an expert's inside view of what the changes to the game are. The majority of changes are to rules 17 and 18. Give yourself a leg up in case you attend a regatta that uses the Test Package. As time allows we will address how these rules can affect your strategy.


Race Officers and Umpires will find this seminar very helpful  in getting ready for the new season.


Download the test rules and the briefing document from World Sailing.



Dave Perry Conducts Clinic

Dave Perry discussing rules with sailors at Oakcliff

Come learn more about the 2016 match racing events at Oakcliff. Discover how to catch the advancing match racing wave in the U.S. Join us at Oakcliff  and ride your big wave of opportunity to become the best match racer you can be.

"Match Racing at Oakcliff is like cross training for sailors. It helps sharpen my skills for fleet racing and keeps my crew on their toes."

Fee $30 ($25 for Oakcliff Sailing Supporters)


Marginal markings indicate changes from the 2015 test rules.

Below are the details of the changes to the RRS:

A.    Add new RRS 7 to Part 1:


The umpires will assume that the state of a boat, or her relationship to another boat, has not changed, until they are certain that it has changed.

B.    Delete RRS 18, C2.6 and C2.7 and replace with:

18        MARK ROOM

18.1     When Rule 18 Applies

Rule 18 applies between boats when they are required to leave a mark on the same side and at least one of them is in the zone. However, it does not apply between a boat approaching a mark and one leaving it.

18.2     Giving Mark-Room

(a)     When the first boat reaches the zone,

(1)     if boats are overlapped, the outside boat at that moment shall thereafter give the inside boat mark-room.

(2)     if boats are not overlapped, the boat that has not reached the zone shall thereafter give mark-room.

(b)     If the boat entitled to mark-room leaves the zone, the entitlement to mark-room ceases and rule 18.2(a) is applied again if required based on the relationship of the boats considered at the time rule 18.2(a) is re-applied.

(c)     If a boat obtained an inside overlap and, from the time the overlap began, the outside boat is unable to give mark-room, she is not required to give it.

18.3     Tacking or Gybing

When an inside overlapped right-of-way boat must tack or gybe at a mark to sail her proper course, until she tacks or gybes she shall sail no farther from the mark than needed to sail that course. Rule 18.3 does not apply at a gate mark or a finishing mark and a boat shall not be penalized for breaking this rule unless the course of another boat was affected by the breach of this rule.

C.    Change definition of Mark-Room to:

Mark-Room   Room for a boat to sail her proper course to round or pass the mark on the required side. If room includes a change of tack, such tack or gybe shall be done no quicker than a tack or gybe to sail her proper course.


D.    Add the following new rule:

C2.14   Rule 17 is deleted.