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UMKC School of Education: Continuing and Professional Education 
UMKC School of Education Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) and Edgar L. and Rheta A. Berkley Child and Family Development Center offer Fall 2016 continuing education series in Early Childhood Education.


Building Partnerships Between Families and Teachers

10/13/16 Encouraging a high degree of family enthusiasm for their children's public schools and child care centers is one of the best ways in which teachers can build children's self-esteem and reduce guidance problems.  Form birth a child's relationships and interactions with adults are critical determinants of development and learning.  Teachers need to make it a priority to know each child well, and also the people most significant in the child's life.  This session connects research with practice for building partnerships between teachers and families.  All individuals in a school contribute to a culture of teaching and learning.  Participants will reflect on their own practice and reflect on current research / best practices in building family partnerships.
6:30 pm -8:30 pm

Polly Prendergast


Project Work


Participants will gain knowledge of the process of implementing a project-based topic and documenting children's work through authentic assessment and portfolio work samples. Participants will collaborate with peers and the instructor on:

  • how to implement a project,
  • providing instructional opportunities in large, small, and one-on-one group settings,
  • documenting children's learning using various methods such as pictures, anecdotal records, and work samples.

Participants will leave the workshop with ideas on how to integrate a topic throughout all developmental and interest areas in the classroom while also incorporating family and community involvement.

6:30 pm -8:30 pm
Danica Love


Tactics and Techniques for Teaching in a Room Full of Budding Artists
12/08/16 Have you ever wondered how those big wonderful child paintings get painted without painting the walls, the children, and the teacher's good white slacks? Well, the truth is, preschool teachers don't own white slacks (or not for long!), and the paintings get done with some good planning, some great teaching, and some sensitive, sensible classroom management. Join us for some great ideas for children's art coupled with ideas for making it happen without painting the walls. Enjoy the process of paint, clay, collage, and print as much as the children do.
6:30 pm -8:30 pm
Becky West