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This is a web-based online continuing education event to be completed as a self-study.


Rehab Connections 
Rehab Connections 

Self-Study Activity ** 


The following list of key concepts for this self-study activity are relevant to PT/OT treatment, plan of care, evaluation, and patient education and will be reflected in the test

  1. Definitions of polypharmacy
  2. Consequences of polypharmacy
  3. Nutrient depletion of medications
  4. Deprescribing medications
Plus a special activity in this self-study uses an actual patient list of medications for symptoms of deficiencies often seen during patient care.

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Interested in learning more about this topic in a live, interactive, real time half day workshop or full day course? Check out these topics on our website: Aging and Wellness, The Pill Paradigm Shift.

A list of additional resources and references is available upon request.

Instruction level: Various 
2.0 CE hours of self-study activities  

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** From the Illinois Physical Therapy Act, Administrative Code, Section 1340.61

E) Self-study.  A maximum of 75% of the total CE requirements may be earned through the following self-study activities:

i)  An applicant may obtain CE credit by taking correspondence or web-based courses, including pre-recorded professional presentations and pre-recorded webinars, from an approved CE sponsor.  These courses shall include a test that must be passed in order to obtain credit.

** From the Illinois Occupational Therapy Act, Administrative Code, Section 1315.145

Regardless of delivery method, all CE hours must be earned by verified attendance or participation in a program that is offered by an approved CE sponsor who meets the requirements set forth in subsection (d), or by other CE activities set forth in subsection (c). This includes distance learning CE courses. Distance learning courses include, but are not limited to, webbased courses, webinars, moderated teleconferences or audio cassettes, CDs or videos of professional presentations offered by approved sponsors.