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Thursday September 18, 2014 - 3:00 PM
Saturday September 20, 2014-  5:30 PM

A Special Lungnoid Session

 Sunday Sept 21, 2014 - 8 AM to 12PM 
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Charlotte Marriott City Center, Charlotte, NC 
100 West Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

 Hotel rooms $139 a night.  

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2014 National NET Patient Conference

The 2014 National Carcinoid/NET Patient Conference is right around the corner! Mid-gut noids, Lungnoids, P-Net patients, Whipple patients and OTHER NET PATIENTS- get ready for another fantastic lineup featuring 20 or so WORLD CLASS NET EXPERTS presenting the information you need!

Some of the topics are brand-new and just published, sprinkled in with advice from the EXPERTS on the top issues faced by NET patients. Topics that will be covered welcome an audience of all levels, including patients, family members and caretakers of patients, as well as physicians and other health professionals.

Plus, you'll get to network with hundreds of other patients who understand what you are going through and share your concerns.

This is a perfect opportunity to build your knowledge and become a better advocate for your health!

$125 per person from 5/1 through 9/14. Registration closes 9/14/14


Please note there will be a cancellation fee of $25 pp!

Please note  The will be NO refunds given  after September 2, 2014. You may take it as a tax deduction. And will happily send a tax receipt.

Tentative agenda: Times and titles are subject to change.                              The physicians listed have committed to making presentations.


 Thursday, September 18th –  Saturday 20th 


3-5 PM         Affordable Healthcare Reform: William Maples, MD

                     Emotional implication of NETS treatment: Ronda Ayala RN

6-9 PM         Welcome Reception

FRIDAY AM       Moderator: Eugene A. Woltering, MD

7:00-7:45   Breakfast

7:45-8:00    Introduction: Bob and Maryann Wahmann from CCAN

8:00-8:40   NETS- Introduction to the basics: Richard Warner, MD

8:40-9:20 NETS pathology: What's important and what's not? : Chanjuan Shi, MD

9:20-9:30 Break

9:30-10:00   Midgut NETs surgery. The technical aspects: Yi-Zarn Wang. MD

10:00-10:30  Pancreatic NETs surgery. The technical aspects: Michael Choiti MD

10:30-11:00 Does serial cytoreduction of midgut NETS increase survival? : Eugene A. Woltering MD

11:00-11:30 How NETS affects your heart: Current recommendations for ongoing scanning, prevention and current therapy of NETS-induced heart disease: Heidi Connolly MD

11:30-12:15 Q & A with panel and moderator

12:15-1:15   Lunch

FRIDAY PM        Moderator: Thomas M. O'Dorisio MD

1:15-2:00 Clinical trials for chemotherapy/biologic response modifier therapy of gut- based NETS: Edward Wolin, MD

2:00-2:45 Clinical trials for chemotherapy/biologic response modifier therapy of pancreatic NETS: Emily Bergsland MD

2:45-3:00   Break

3:00-3:30   New approaches to the treatment of NETS induced diarrhea: Sajeve Thomas MD

3:30-4:00   Somatostatin analogs control symptoms and slow tumor growth:  Summary of recent trials: Alexandria Phan MD

4:00-4:30   Update
on NETs markers: What, how many and cross- laboratory validation studies: Mia Tepper

4:30- 5:15 Q & A with panel and moderator

SATURDAY AM Moderator:  J. Phillip Boudreaux MD

7:00-8:00   Breakfast

8:00-8:45  The Benefit of Multidisciplinary Teams Treating NETs: Eric Liu,  MD

8:45-9:15  The role of the gastroenterologist in the diagnosis and treatment of NETS: David Metz MD

9:15-9:45 Summary of therapy with 177 Lu vs. high dose LAR: The AAA trial: Richard Campeau MD

9:45-10:00   Break

10:00-10:30   An update on Multi Visceral Organ Transplants (MVOT): Rodrigo Vianna M.D

10:30-11:00  My personal experience with MVOT:  Paul Johnson MD

11:00-12:00 Q & A with panel and moderator

12:00-1:00    Lunch

SATURDAY PM Moderator: Richard Warner MD

1:00-1:30  Investigator-initiated trials of 68 Gallium somatostatin analogs: Where are we going?: Thomas M. O'Dorisio

1:30-2:00   Update on studies in MEN I and the risk of familial NETS: Steve Wank MD

2:00-2:30   How to scan for NETs: Primary's and their metastasi: David Bushnell MD

2:30-2:45   Break

2:45-3:15  Vitamin supplements & alternative therapies: Assessing safety & efficacy: Mary Hardy, MD

3:15-3:45   Spheres vs. Chemoembolization vs. Bland embolization- Which is best?: Charles Nutting MD

3:45- 4:15 RFA, microwave, cryotherapy nanoknife and other invasive therapies for liver metastasis: David Iannitti MD

4:15-4:45  Q & A with panel and moderator

4:45-5:00 Announcement of next National Patient NET conference in September 2016: Eugene A. Woltering MD and CCAN


SUNDAY AM Eric Liu MD Moderator

8:00-8:45   How we find lung NETS and their metastasis: Eric Liu MD

8:45-9:30 Bronchoscopy, percutaneous and trans-bronchial biopsies for lung lesions: Susan Hughey Gunn MD

9:00-10:15 Surgical approaches to DIPNECH, primary NETS & their metastasis: Rodney Landreneau MD

10:15-11:00 Role of chemotherapy, biologic response modifiers and PRRT in the therapy of lung NETS: Daniel Granberg MD

11:00-12:00  Q & A with panel and moderator