Tax Planning Strategies for Moderate Income Clients


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Wednesday, May 11, 2022 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM EDT
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Tax Planning is not just for the rich and famous. This course will provide insights to numerous topics so tax professionals can assist their moderate-income clients to create and preserve wealth. Let’s ensure we provide our clients with the tools necessary to provide practical tax planning techniques and be hands-on to develop a long-term beneficial relationship. So, join us in deciphering the mystery of Tax Planning for the average Joe or Jill.

Learning Objectives - You will learn how to:

  1. Evaluate IRC Section 121 opportunities and benefits associated with

  2. Demonstrate how QCD can reduce taxes and maximize charitable deductions

  3. Discuss Form SSA-44, Life-Changing Events and reducing Medicare Part B premiums

  4. Appraise the benefits of 529 Plans and Paying for College and implement and learn Counterintuitive tax planning regarding Scholarships and AOTC

  1. Analyze, compare and PLAN regarding Retirement plans 

  2. Dramatize 401(k) savings for the average taxpayer

  3. Critique divorce situations to benefit clients and explain why 50/50 is not always equal

  4. Clarify the implications of the capital gains reduced tax rate and potential issues

  5. Illustrate bunching of itemized deductions

  6. Translate when to take Social Security and related issues, understand unique elderly client issues and Estate planning/Will issues

And as time permits:

  • Explain the Rental Properties and 199A deduction issues

  • Debate if an Installment Sale is right for the client

  • Formulate a plan regarding Schedule C filers and hiring their spouse and children


2 IRS CE Credits, 2 CFP Credits


Course Instructor: Allan J “A.J.” Reynolds, EA

A.J. has immense experience in various areas of taxation, which encompasses over 30 years. Though his practice centers on individual, business, and estate tax preparation, A.J. focuses a portion of his practice to IRS audits, appeals, collections and other tax representations.  A.J.’s clientele, too, ranges from average workers to Fortune 500 executives. A.J. speaks for multiple organizations and brings his everyday “in the trenches” experience to assist attendees with real issues affecting tax professionals.  A.J. started his tax career with a national CPA firm in San Diego, CA after proudly serving five years in the U.S. Navy.