Monday, May 11, 2020 at 2:00 PM CDT
Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 2:30 PM CDT

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Karen Starz 
HoustonNVC, a nonprofit 
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Join us for Becoming What You Need: 30 Days of Somatic Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication with David Weinstock. For 30 minutes each day, we'll join together for 30 days of guided somatic training to align physical, emotional, linguistic, and spiritual domains. Recordings will be sent to registrants.

How are you holding up? 

In this time of social distancing, it’s good to know that we can continue to foster emotional closeness. If anything, our interconnectedness is more apparent than ever.

Spring has begun and it is a time of hope, new life, and new beginnings. A moment to celebrate brighter, longer days. It might seem laughable or obsolete in the context of the struggles of our world and in many of our communities and homes, but Spring is here, inviting us from this time of quiet and solitude to put us firmly on the path for becoming who we wish to be.

When we train our attention to shift from the dramas that we perceive to the instinctual wisdom of our bodies, our bodies become a place to come home to whenever we lose our bearings. This is where we feel the quality of our deeper needs, our own integrity, empathy, authentic expression, creativity and the ground we stand on. 

Embodying the art of Nonviolent Communication’s compassionate nature requires personal, deliberate, committed, intentional practice over time that brings you back, time and time again, to rediscover what you love about the path you are choosing. For one month, we will meet each day for 30 minutes of practice and explorations that bring NVC skills from the head down into the heart.  

Somatic training aligns physical, emotional, linguistic, and spiritual domains. It is an agent of change that can assist us in embedding consciously chosen habits into our being and in replacing old habits and patterns we have previously developed that may no longer serve us. 

Here’s an overview of the training we will do together: 

  • Identify what you care about.  
  • Notice what you have practiced in your life. 
  • Choose practices that align with what you care about.  
  • Bring it into your life

Please join us for 30 days once a day for personal practice that develops Nonviolent Communication into an art that is embodied and deeply felt. We start May 11th at 2 pm CT, the day after Mother's Day. Consider gifting this guided practice to a Mother, Parent, or Guardian in your life who may benefit from it.

Learning is accelerated when we take the time and space for new skills to settle in and  we do it together.


Recordings will be sent to registrants.

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