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Dates: March 13, 16, 23, 25, 27, 30
Time: 8:30am-5:00pm
Fee: $690.00 (Early bird $610 ends Feb 24)


1325 S. Colorado Boulevard
1325 S. Colorado Boulevard
Building B - 4th floor
Denver, CO 80222

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Teresa Dunn / Giovanna Carriero-Conteras
Interpreters Academy

The Community Interpreter® International

March 2019

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Is Community Interpreting your professional calling?

Then come and attend the only national community interpreting training in the U.S. Whether you are an aspiring interpreter, a bilingual employee with interpreting duties, or an active freelancer, you need a training certificate of at least 40 hours as a requirement to practice in the field.

Why Training, you ask? Training is the first step toward developing your professional identity as an interpreter, which allows you to learn and build a set of core skills necessary to perform professionally. It is through training that professional interpreters learn how to assess situations and become aware of errors that could ultimately and seriously impact the outcome of an encounter.

The Community Interpreter is the first and only national 40+ hour certificate program for community interpreting in the U.S.

This course covers ethics and conduct, basic skills (from pre-session to post-session), positioning, terminology, modes of interpreting, steps for sight translation, intervention strategies, cultural mediation, and other vital skills and protocols. It breaks professional skills into simple components and offers simple decision-making tools to help interpreters make on-the-spot judgment calls in daily practice. It tackles many of the most persistent challenges in the field and proposes practical, easy-to-implement strategies based on the highest professional standards. It also guides interpreters on how to develop problem-solving skills and use decision-making tools that they can apply almost anywhere through extensive use of role plays, activities and group exercises, as well as discussions based on video.

The program comes with the most comprehensive training manual in the field, written in plain English, and featuring an abundance of visual aids to make the content easy to understand and a joy to read. The program concludes with a two-hour written assessment on the last day of training. It offers three levels of certificates for successful candidates:

Level 1: Qualified Interpreter

Level 2: Professionally Trained Interpreter

Level 3: Hospitality Interpreter

All participants will be tested for language proficiency to receive a certificate. The language proficiency tests are not included in the registration fee and positive results must be received in order to receive a final certificate upon successful completion of the written assessment. Certificates will be issued to participants until language proficiency test results are received.

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