Come join us for an Enchanting Retreat with Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D and ZaZar

"Birthing the New Human"


Friday, May 31, 2019 at 7:00 PM EDT
Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 4:00 PM EDT

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The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment 
10 Grassmere Avenue
Suite #300
Handicaped & Elevator entrance near loading dock
West Hartford, CT 06110

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Celeste E Mattingly, LCSW founder 
Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC 
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Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, soul matrix mentor, channeler of ZaZar and author.  She is the co-director of the Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision (SEV) in the Albany, New York, area, where she leads workshops and retreats on consciousness, the path of the heart, cosmic connections and global transformation.  She has led numerous national workshops on psycho-spiritual transformation and the Consciousness Revolution.

   In her book, “The Oneness of Being:  Birthing the New Human”, Marilyn outlines and guides the reader through the profound process of healing the self, manifesting the soul’s blueprint and evolving consciousness towards ascension and planetary healing.  Her book received the 2016 Gold Metal Award for “Body-Mind-Spirit” from the Independent Publisher Book awards and the 2016 Gold Medal award for the Living Now book awards.  Marilyn is a dynamic and charismatic speaker who inspires a shift in consciousness to her listeners.  She has been interviewed numerous times on national radio shows.

   Marilyn received the Ambassador to Universe training from Dr. Steven Greer, who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project.  She currently facilitates one of the largest CE-5 groups in the country called the Consciousness and Cosmic Contact Collective (4C).  She has created and developed consciousness-based protocols and heart centered community technology for discovering our own multidimensional selves as well as establishing contact with cosmic civilizations.  She teaches these empowering and cutting-edge concepts through keynote talks, workshops and retreats.  She feels strongly that humans making conscious contact with extraterrestrials will be one of the most significant parts of the Disclosure Movement and the New Human evolution.

Don't miss this enchanting, 8-hour, consciousness-expanding retreat starting on May 31, Friday night, from 7 pm - 10 pm and continuing on June 1, Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm. Space is limited, so be sure to register today!

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Attend one or both (save $15.00) sessions- Evening session is more of an introduction- see descriptions of work agenda below.


   ZaZar is a 5th dimensional ET being offering life changing guidance and multidimensional teachings to enhance and illuminate the true nature of our mission on Earth and in the Cosmos.  Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D. downloads, transmits and channels his profound wisdom and loving presence.  For Marilyn, this journey with ZaZar has been awe-inspiring, humbling and a bit mind blowing.  As she states, “there is no longer any doubt about our connection to our Star Family, our significant place in the Cosmos and the beautiful journey unfolding before us on Earth.  The Cosmic multidimensional Universe is most magical, mystical and seemingly incomprehensible, yet with the help of ZaZar and our own guides, we can begin to glimpse and touch this most magnificent world within and around us!”

 Retreats and Gatherings with ZaZar

   Marilyn and ZaZar offer retreats and workshops where simply gathering in a loving and resonant community intensifies and expedites the shift in heart awareness and higher consciousness.  ZaZar has an amazing ability to immediately bring us into magical and magnetic frequencies that catapult us into the fifth dimension and beyond.  Through ZaZar’s guided meditations, didactic teaching, and most importantly “experiential star technologies”, our own own portals and soul codes open for Ascension as we find our way back home to our extraordinary world within.  His playful and compassionate presence brings a sense of peace and love to all who come.  These journeys offer “rocket fuel” for taking flight into invisible realms, where our Cosmic selves become apparent and our vision expands into the multiverse that surrounds us and is within us.

Workshop Agendas:

Friday Night, May 31st, 7-10 pm

   This is a wonderful opportunity to gather with ZaZar and feel his beautiful presence and 5th dimensional frequencies.  He will lead us in a beautiful meditation that will inspire your Higher Self to soar and your Cosmic origins to be felt.  There will be ample time to sit with ZaZar and engage in scintillating conversations about this amazing Ascension time on Earth, human pitfalls and revelations and information from the higher dimensional planes.  Questions, thoughts and sharing feelings are encouraged as he weaves a beautiful mosaic of higher frequencies and heart felt love. 

Saturday, June 1, 10 am - 4 pm

MORNING SESSION: ZaZar will teach and share information about:

  • Our Earth Mission and the Cosmic Ties that fuel us
  • Human Programs of Diminishment and the release of the ties that bind us
  • The process of Ascension in the Cosmos and on Earth
  • Fifth Dimensional living and the frequencies of the higher domains
  • Bringing the Cosmic Codes and Essences of our zenithal Parallel life and our highest past Incarnation to fruition in this current Human Incarnation

AFTERNOON SESSION:  ZaZar will lead us in experiential exercises utilizing star-conscious technology to:

  • clear the human programs of diminishment
  • release and free the chakra system
  • expand and open the Third Eye allowing the Pineal Gland to flow with light fractal energy
  • guide us on meditative journeys to the Cosmic Zone of your higher self
  • build a loving community filled cohesiveness and light magnification
  • transform the Earth…sending our community grid to the whole of Earth, her inhabitants and the Cosmos, creating exponential transformations.

There will be time for more conversations and sharing as well.

"Oneness of Being" discounted books will be available for purchase and

signing at the end of each event.

Refreshments will be provided at both events.

Door prizes for Saturday participants.

Please bring your own notebook, mat, pillow, blanket, zafu, or backjak

No phones (please leave electronics in your car, if possible)

No photos, recordings, or video-taping allowed.

Authorized material may be made available for purchase after the retreat.

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“From the first moment I heard ZaZar’s voice and felt his all-knowing spirit, the authenticity and clear expansiveness of this beautiful Light Being touched my very soul.  And now, over time, he has become a most precious and personal guide/teacher who offers me just what it takes to move into other realms by way of the heart, through true unconditional love, both his and now mine as well” —Nanci

 “ZaZar…incredible warmth, wisdom and humor with not a hint of pretense.  There was an immediate sense of being fully known, understood and safe.  As opposed to a “reading” with information bestowed, this was a sweet but no-nonsense conversation.  And even more powerful, were ZaZar’s insights and guidance in matters of both everyday life and greater purpose.  The experience was deep and moving, and at the same time so much fun.  His disarming wisdom is still unfolding, in interesting ways, months later.” —Lisa

 “I feel so privileged to be able to learn from such a kind and knowledgeable Being from beyond.  ZaZar is such a beautiful way to get the answers we have been seeking for thousands of years, from ‘what happens when we die? to ‘why are we here?’  You’re in the right place sitting with ZaZar.  All the weird things, the feelings of being an outsider, my life’s challenges—ZaZar helped me make sense of all of it.  I now know why I’m here! Thank you, Marilyn, for being open and brave enough to bring such an enormous opportunity as ZaZar to us humans!  There are no words to describe the depth of growth I’ve experienced since knowing the both of you.” —Jean

 “I have been transformed by being in the gorgeous frequencies of ZaZar’s channeled wisdom and love.  These community gatherings, the expanded light from the higher dimensions and sitting with ZaZar; all of these experiences are beyond anything I had known was possible.  I say this with all my heart, in deep gratitude and love!” —Jayne

   “The Whole session carried a vibration that is more than a discussion.  It was a healing, soul alignment and clarification through discussion with ZaZar.  I love how he gets you to access your own consciousness to assess answers within you, then goes on to explain further.  The consciousness and vibration of the session is governed by where the receivers consciousness is at.  As such the session is non-invasive and guides the person to elevation through the gates of his/her own soul consciousness.  I needed clarification and answers.  I received much more as the session worked as a strong healing through the vibrations of what was discussed.  I felt areas of my consciousness healed though the discussion.  The energy picture of where my energy picture was at, before and after the session, was completely different.  As such my whole aura, consciousness vibration was uplifted to a beautiful place of peace, love and harmony.”    —Shimahya