Advanced Morphology


January 22, 2022


Per person -$290.00 per person                                      Group of 4 or more - $275.00 per person..       

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Compass Montessori                                                 4441 Salvia St, Golden, CO 80403


Leslie Kesson, Master Certified OGI Trainer


Elenn Steinberg
Orton Gillingham International, Inc. 

The Orton-Gillingham International Advanced Morphology course builds on the skills learned in the OGI Basic Course with a targeted focus on morphology. The course will provide participants with advanced knowledge and skills of decoding, spelling and vocabulary, all critical building blocks for reading comprehension. Participants will learn multisensory procedures for enhancing vocabulary skills through the study of prefixes, suffixes and Latin, Greek, and Anglo Saxon roots.

 The required prerequisite for this class is the Yoshimoto Basic Training (40 hours).  If you have taken a course from another organization or trainer please do not register for this class as it is the continuation of the Y-OGI basic class and as such requires previous knowledge and materials.

This class will include:

- Layers of the English language
- Morphology Scope and Sequence
- Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots
- Games and activities to support learning
- Integration into lesson planning
- Practice and implementation

and more...

Note: All training course materials, including extensive teacher resources prefix, root and suffix cards and a thumb drive with 1000's of work sheets and things for students to do, are included in the cost of the course


Our focus in all of our trainings is to engage participants by ensuring that there is lots of small group interaction, practice and support. 

Our teachig focus is learning, practicing and implementing - I do, you do, we do.  We include extensive materials including: prefix, root and suffix cards, games, worksheets and soon we will be sharing videos on our new website. It is our hope to provide you with the tools you need to make the complex job of teaching a diverse group of students a little bit easier. We look forward to seeing you again!